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“This ain’t Nam, man! There are rules!” Or at least guidelines. Right?

If you are trying to read this on a small screen, it’s transcribed below.

With certain exceptions*, a sentence or thought is followed by one and only one exclamation point, question mark, or period. Possibly a question mark (singular) followed by an exclamation point (singular)**. Because This Is How Civilized Persons Behave.


My wife disagrees. We have had discussions. We have arrived at a civilized compromise, where I use singular exclamation points and she does whatever she wants without further comment.


The following is from last night. Deb is in Illinois to look in on my parents; I am still in Pennsylvania, due to pick her up the next night. (Close captioned for the emoji impaired.)

DEB: Probably in about 12 hours I’ll be seeing you!! {half moon emoji} {glad hands emoji}

ME: {applause emoji} {applause emoji} {applause emoji} {happy face emoji} {kissy face emoji} {kissy face emoji} {kissy face emoji} Love you LOTS!!

DEB: I think I got that, honey. And isn’t the effusive use of emojis the same as too many !!!!! ?

ME: No!!! {winking emoji}

DEB: I think this should be crowd sourced for a vote.

ME: Oh dear. Who do you have in mind. Wait! A new Conversation? Dialog is already written.

DEB: Exactly! {happy face emoji} {clown face emoji} {devil face emoji} {cat face emoji} {big lips emoji} {reference to The Great Gatsby emoji}***

So, peeps, friends, and casual readers (anybody can play):

Is the effusive use of emojis the same as too many exclamation points?

Please express your thoughtful opinions in the responses.

No comments necessary on this, unless you have suggestions on medications.
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