Living in ‘Idealist-ville’ is a helpless romantic’s only dream.

Ivan | CC BY-SA 2.0

When you ask for someone to be a certain way in order for you to love them, you’re stamping your own desire over selfless love. Not only are you asking for something that doesn’t exist in this Godforsaken world of four billion genetic variants, but you’re asking for something that exists only in the deepest realm of your own idealistic thought.

This person you wish for is not the person standing right in front of you, but a mere projection of your own mind. More like a ‘mental-hologram’. You’re living in a self-made prison of denial, because you can’t just accept them they way that they truly are.

Love means loving someone the way he or she is. Wanting them to be a certain way is not love but your desire. Do not attempt to improve someone in the name of love. It is improvement only in your eyes, not in theirs. (*)

Human connections don’t always reap back 100% like a lifeless bank transaction. Human connections are an amazing entity that primarily serves as a lesson-pool for our ever expanding list sensory experiences.

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