Love Story – SEC Shorts’ hilarious love story trailer of Alabama and the Playoff

There’s no doubt that Alabama and the College Football Playoff have a special relationship. They’ve actually been inseparable.

Since the CFP’s inception in the 2014 season, the Crimson Tide have been selected to be in the four-team field all four times. SEC Shorts, an online comedy series, spoofed the latest chapter in their “love story.”

Alabama certainly took a different path to the Playoff this season, getting in as the No. 4 seed despite not reaching the SEC Championship Game.

You got to check this out.

Maybe the funniest part of the video came at the 1:27 mark, when another lady personifying the SEC Championship Game confronted Alabama.

“I’m the championship game you’re supposed to care about. Why don’t you look at me the way you look at her?!”

Alabama outlasted Georgia in overtime, 26-23, on Monday night to secure the Tide’s 17th national title.

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