Wedding – A dressmaker made this bride the gown of her dreams just 30 minutes before her wedding started

YES DressDrama 25
Nathalie Lout did not have
a wedding gown just one hour before her


The INSIDER Summary:

  • Just one hour before her wedding ceremony, bride-to-be
    Nathalie Lout found herself without a gown.
  • Her wedding photographer saved the day by calling a
    local bridal boutique.
  • Women from the boutique came to the venue and
    hand-tailored a dress for Lout on the spot.
  • It looked amazing, and she loved her dress so much that
    she was moved to tears.

Many people dream of their future wedding, but not having a gown on your
special day would be a nightmare.

Nathalie Lout found herself in that situation on September 24,
when the gown she planned on wearing was seemingly held hostage
by the store she bought it from, as we first read on the Daily Mail.

« I still don’t know what happened to my original dress, »
Lout told the Daily Mail. « I had my final fitting about 10 days
earlier and was told that the dress would be ready on either the
Thursday or Friday before the wedding and that they would contact
me when it was ready. »

YES DressDrama 3
Before Adams intervened,
Lout planned on wearing a slip dress to her


At 10:30 a.m., just an hour before the 11:30 a.m. ceremony,
wedding photographer
Lizzie Adams
arrived at the venue where she found a
distraught Lout without a dress for her own wedding. Panicked and
without other options, Lout planned on wearing a white slip dress
to her wedding.

Without missing a beat, Adams called Courtyard Boutique, a small
business run by mother-daughter duo Rhiannon and Anne
Within minutes, the Moores arrived and got to

YES DressDrama 6
The Moores presented Lout
with two options.


« We got as many details as possible regarding the bride’s
figure and height and then found all the designer sample gowns we
had which would work on her petite frame and a few accessories to
compliment them, popped them in a bag, got all our sewing
equipment together and bundled into the car, » Anne told HuffPost UK.

Because of Lout’s petite stature, Anne had to work quickly
to alter the dress to suit her height.

YES DressDrama 9
They custom-tailored
Lout’s dress.


Anne began making alterations at 11 a.m. and was finished just
after 11:30 a.m. Lout was fashionably late to her wedding, but
she didn’t mind. The bride loved her dress so much that she
was moved to tears.

« The dress was incredible and such a difference to what I
thought I was going to have to wear. While I tried to stay calm –
I did break down in tears when I first saw it, » she told the
Daily Mail. « So many people told me I looked ‘stunning’ and they
could not believe that it was not the original dress as it looked
perfect on me. »

YES DressDrama 25
Lout invited the Moores to
stay for the ceremony and reception.


Two hours after the ceremony, her original dressmaker arrived
with the dress Lout had intended on wearing to begin without
explanation. But Lout decided to stick with her new dress — and
she got a full refund on her old one.

It was like a modern fairytale of sorts. 

YES DressDrama 22
Lout and her


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