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How do I turn off auto renewal on Bumble?

Open Bumble on your phone. Select the menu icon from within the app and select Bumble Boost under your profile image. Select Manage Your Subscription from the new page. Select to cancel from the options on the next page.

Considering this, How do I contact Bumble by phone? Bumble does not have a customer support phone number, but our team is always here to help you! We receive a large number of technical questions and requests, and we’ve found often they are more easily explained in writing.

Is Bumble easy to cancel?

Cancel Your Bumble Subscription – Android

Canceling your Bumble Subscription is really easy. Log into your Bumble app and visit your profile. Tap on the “Boost” option and click on the ‘Manage your subscription’ option. Follow the on-screen prompts to cancel and confirm.

Correspondingly, How do you turn off automatic renewal? For Android users

  1. On your device, open Google Play Store.
  2. Make sure you are signed in to the Google account used in purchasing the app.
  3. Tap the Menu icon, then tap Subscriptions.
  4. Select the subscription that you want to cancel.
  5. Tap Cancel subscription.
  6. Follow the remaining instructions.

Then, How much does Bumble premium cost? Bumble Cost

Membership Type Membership Length Membership Cost
Premium 1 month $29.99
Premium 1 week $13.99
Premium 1 day $3.49
Boost 6 months $59.99

How much is Bumble per month?


Pros Simple, modern interface Swiping feature is addictive Free to use the basic app Video chat Excellent privacy and safety features Robust free version Fun and inclusive interface Video chat
Key Specs and Features
Video Calls
Desktop App
Starting Price $19.99 per month $24.99 per month

How do I delete my Bumble account?

How to delete your entire Bumble account

  1. Open the Bumble app.
  2. Tap the profile icon on the bottom-left corner of the home screen. …
  3. Click on the cogwheel in the top corner. …
  4. Swipe all the way to the bottom and tap « Delete Account. » …
  5. The Bumble app will prompt you to confirm that you want to delete your account.

Why can’t I delete my Bumble account?

You can’t delete your Bumble account because you’re not the only one who uses it. Your friends and matches rely on Bumble to find people to date, so deleting your account would make it impossible for them to do that.

How do I cancel my binge subscription?

How do I cancel via the app?

  1. Sign in to you BINGE app.
  2. Open Menu and select ‘My Account’
  3. Select ‘Manage Account’ Note: This will direct you to a web browser on your device.
  4. Enter your username (email address) and password.
  5. Select your profile.
  6. Select ‘Cancel Subscription’
  7. Confirm/I Agree.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Manage your subscriptions on Google Play

  1. Open the Google Play app .
  2. At the top right, tap the profile icon.
  3. Tap Payments & subscriptions. Subscriptions.
  4. Select the subscription you want to cancel.
  5. Tap Cancel subscription.
  6. Follow the instructions.

How do I cancel Bumble Android?

Open Google Play store. Go to « Account » under the Play store menu. Tap on « Subscriptions » and you will see your active app subscriptions. Tap on your Bumble subscription and then click « Cancel »

Why can’t I remove a subscription from my iPhone?

On an iPhone, go to your settings app. At the top of the settings app, you should see your Apple ID. Open your Apple ID preferences and go to subscriptions. From there, you should be able to cancel the subscription by clicking on it and tapping cancel subscription.

Does Bumble charge monthly?

Bumble is free to use, but you can pay to unlock new features like advanced filters and profile boosts. The Bumble Boost plan costs $16.99 for a month, and gives unlimited likes and « rematches. » Bumble’s more expensive Premium subscription costs $39.99 for a month, or $229.99 for a lifetime plan.

How much is Bumble monthly?


Pros Simple, modern interface Swiping feature is addictive Free to use the basic app Video chat Excellent privacy and safety features Robust free version Fun and inclusive interface Video chat
Key Specs and Features
Video Calls
Desktop App
Starting Price $19.99 per month $24.99 per month

Is there a charge for Bumble?

Bumble is free, and always will be! We have a few optional premium features to enhance your Bumble experiences, such as Bumble Boost, Bumble Premium, SuperSwipe, and Spotlight.

Why do you have to pay for Bumble?

Bumble Premium is there to make your Bumble experience feel better, but most of all, it’s definitely conducive to meeting new people. The most vital perk of Premium is getting access to your “Beeline,” the little section of the app that haunts you with all the likes you have, just waiting to be swiped on.

How does Bumble subscription work?


Bumble Premium includes one Spotlight a week. Once Spotlight is activated, your profile will be sent to the top of other daters’ stacks (without anyone knowing!) for 30 minutes, making you viewable to more people instantly.

What happens when you uninstall Bumble?

Deleting the Bumble, Tinder, Hinge, or Coffee Meets Bagel apps from your phone does not get rid of your profile — it merely removes the app from your home screen. If you download the app again through the App Store or Google Play, your account will still be there when you log in.

What happens if I delete my Bumble account?

They are no longer a user of Bumble and have deleted the app. Bumble doesn’t delete your messages, as you’re still able to access them. However you’ll no longer be able to talk to that person.

Is Bumble safe?

Bumble is all about safe online dating and has a zero tolerance policy against harassment, sexual abuse, and violence. If you or someone you know has been abused, harassed, or hurt, there are organizations offering confidential support, 24/7. You are not alone, and it is never your fault.

Is it worth paying for Bumble?

Paying for Bumble Boost or Premium can be worth it if you’re desperately want unlimited swipes or travel mode. However, for most people, I don’t think Bumble Boost or Premium is worth it because both plans are expensive and don’t actually provide much utility.

How long does Bumble keep your data?

We will keep records of our communications with you, including any complaints that we receive from you about other Users (and from other Users about you) for 6 years after deletion of your account.

How do I check my BINGE subscription?

Select the Account Profile Icon. Select Manage Subscriptions. You’ll now see a list of all active and expired subscriptions you have in the App Store. Select the BINGE app.

How do I contact BINGE?

The BINGE Support Crew operate between 8am – 11pm AET 7 days a week.

BINGE Contacts How to contact us?
Send us an email For any enquiries, send us an email

Can you cancel BINGE after free trial?

Is there a catch to the BINGE free trial? Cancelling your BINGE subscription is as easy and quick as signing up. First, log in to the BINGE website and select your account from the settings where you’ll see a big cancel button. You can cancel at any time.

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