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How do you spell TIND?

Correct pronunciation for the word « Tind » is [tˈɪnd], [tˈɪnd], [t_ˈɪ_n_d].

What does TIND mean in Norwegian? Norwegian Nynorsk

a prong, tine, tooth (on forks, rakes, combs etc.) a mountain peak, pinnacle.

Therefore, What is Takla called in English? The Correct Meaning of Takla in English is Spindle. Other similar words for Takla include Takla, Takli, Mehwar and Dhara.

How do I translate a word document from Norwegian to English? Translate selected text: Select words and phrases for translation, and simply right-click to see your translation in the Translator pane. Translate entire documents: Create a translated copy of documents with links intact by clicking the Review tab, and the Translate button.

Then, What does Å mean in Norwegian?

Å as a word means « small river » in Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian and can be found in place names.

Where do they speak Norwegian?

The only country where Norwegian is an official language is, unsurprisingly, Norway. Norway also has another official language, Sami, which is spoken by the Sami people of northern Norway.

What do we call a person with no hair?

Bald is a common word used to describe a person as having no hair on their head.

What is the meaning of no hair?

Use the adjective bald to describe someone who has no hair on his head. If your uncle has a smooth, hairless scalp, he’s bald. Some men are bald because they shave their heads, while others have become bald gradually over the years.

What does bald head mean?

baldhead (plural baldheads) A person whose head is bald. quotations ▼

Where does the Norwegian language come from?

Norwegian (Norwegian: norsk) is a North Germanic language spoken mainly in Norway, where it is an official language. Along with Swedish and Danish, Norwegian forms a dialect continuum of more or less mutually intelligible local and regional varieties; some Norwegian and Swedish dialects, in particular, are very close.

How accurate is Microsoft Translator?

Microsoft’s new machine translation system scored 69.0, indistinguishable from human translation which scored 68.6, according to the paper.

What feature allows you to select content and have it translated into a different language?

One of the newer features in PowerPoint is the content translation. This feature allows you to select content and have it translated into a different language.

What is little circle over letter A?

It’s called a ring (bet that surprised you) and it isn’t actually considered a diacritic, but part of the letter itself, which is considered different from the letter it appears over, usually an A or U (Å å Ů ů). It’s used in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and the Belgian Romance language called Walloon.

How do you say E in Norwegian?

The vowels in the language are A, E, I, O, U, Y and Æ Ø and Å. To pronounce A, the sound is similar to the “a” in the word car. The E in the language is pronounced like the “e” in get. The vowel I is pronounced like the “i” in the word ski, while the vowel O is pronounced with an “oo” sound as in the word school.

What language has an Ø with a line through it?

Ø (or minuscule: ø) is a letter used in the Danish, Norwegian, Faroese, and Southern Sámi languages. It is mostly used as a representation of mid front rounded vowels, such as [ø] and [œ], except for Southern Sámi where it is used as an [oe] diphthong.

What language did the Jesus speak?

Most religious scholars and historians agree with Pope Francis that the historical Jesus principally spoke a Galilean dialect of Aramaic. Through trade, invasions and conquest, the Aramaic language had spread far afield by the 7th century B.C., and would become the lingua franca in much of the Middle East.

What is Norway’s religion?

Today Norway is a very secular country. There is religious freedom, and most of the world’s religions are represented here – and all are welcome. The Church of Norway is Lutheran, but Catholicism and other Christian denominations are also widespread.

What flag is Norway?

The national flag of Norway (Bokmål: Norges flagg; Nynorsk: Noregs flagg) is red with a navy blue Scandinavian cross fimbriated in white that extends to the edges of the flag; the vertical part of the cross is shifted to the hoist side in the style of the Dannebrog, the flag of Denmark.

What does the Bible say about being bald?

If a man loses the hair of his head and becomes bald, he is pure.” And it gets better! God also approves of male-pattern baldness.

Why do men go bald?

According to the American Hair Loss Association, 95 percent of hair loss in men is caused by androgenetic alopecia. This inherited trait that tends to give guys a receding hairline and a thinning crown is caused by genetic sensitivity to a byproduct of testosterone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Does bald mean white?

“Bald” comes from the old English word “balde,” meaning white.

What does sober as a judge mean?

Definition of (as) sober as a judge

: not at all drunk : completely sober.

Can you get bald rats?

Double Rex rats have two rex genes, which result in a hairless rat rather than one with a curly rex coat. These rats do have eyebrows and short, crimped, or curly whiskers. You may see small patches of peach fuzz-like hair on their head or feet.

What is a ball head person?

5. 2. A person whose head is bald. noun. 2.

What is a bold head?

Definition of baldhead

: a bald-headed person.

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