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Is there a difference between a pothead and a stoner?

The difference between Pothead and Stoner

When used as nouns, pothead means a person who smokes cannabis frequently, to excess, whereas stoner means one who stones. . A person who smokes cannabis frequently, to excess.

Similarly, Why do potheads celebrate 420?

Why is 420 the unofficial marijuana holiday? Weed lore has it that in the 1970s, a group of California teens would use « 420 » as a code word to signal after-school smoke sessions.

Also, Can you tell if someone is a stoner? If the person always has a lighter in their pocket or vehicle, yet they don’t smoke cigarettes or own candles, chances are good the person is a stoner. . If someone is talking positively about Amsterdam, they are almost certainly a stoner.

Does Indica make you lazy?

Indica strains are known for being physically sedating, perfect for relaxing with a movie or as a nightcap before bed. Sativas typically provide more invigorating, uplifting cerebral effects that pair well with physical activity, social gatherings and creative projects.

What does a 420 girl mean?

420 FRIENDLY means that someone is a « User of Cannabis or Tolerant of Cannabis Use. »

What does 710 mean?

Just like “420”, “710” is a stoner term used to celebrate dabs and cannabis concentrates on the 10th of July or 7/10. The number 710 spells “OIL” when placed backward and upside-down; Oil is a word used to describe potent cannabis concentrates like hash oil, honey oil, wax, shatter etc.

How do stoners talk?

When high on marijuana, one’s speech often is “fragmented, thought patterns are disjointed, and the speaker quite often forgets what is being thought or what was recently said” (Ferraro 1980). “Stoned speech” can also involve unnatural pauses, slowed speech, and “spaced out” mannerisms.

What are you meant to feel when high?

A marijuana high is associated with feelings of relaxation and contentment, though negative reactions are also possible. Smoking and vaping tend to produce a shorter, more intense high than edibles.

Is it rude to ask someone if they smoke?

3 Answers. There is no polite way to ask someone if they smell because of the rain or because they smoke. Either way, you’re saying they smell weird, and that will always be offensive. If that’s your only reason to ask, then don’t do it.

Does sativa let you sleep?

This type of strain is considered soothing and relaxing. Sativa. Generally, sativa strains make people feel excited, happy, and energized.

Who is the biggest stoner of all time?

The 12 Most Famous Stoners of All Time

  • Snoop Dogg. Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone. .
  • Bob Marley. Photo courtesy of GQ. .
  • Willie Nelson. Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone. .
  • Miley Cyrus. Photo courtesy of Billboard. .
  • Rhianna. Photo courtesy of WKBT. .
  • Wiz Khalifa. Photo courtesy of Forbes. .
  • Barack Obama. Photo courtesy of CNN. .
  • Bob Dylan.

Is sativa a downer?

There are 2 main species of cannabis: Indica and Sativa. When cannabis growers crossbreed these species, they’re called hybrid strains. Sativa often has a more energetic and stimulating high. . Hybrid strains can be both upper and downer depending on which species is dominant.

What does 420 mean in Angel numbers?

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

If you see angel number 420 very often, it means that your heart is opened, so you are able to see many good opportunities in front of you. It is time for your spiritual journey. You have your life purpose and your angels will help you choose the best path in your life.

What does 420 friends mean?

What does 4/20 friendly mean? This is quite often seen on websites advertising for housemates, tennants or possibly dating apps. It simply means that the person or place is accepting of people who smoke weed and probably do themselves.

What does 21 mean in texting?

« Quit » is the most common definition for 21 on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. 21. Definition: Quit.

What is DAB day?

If you’re already counting the days till the next 4/20, we have good news for you. The famous April 20th stoner holiday has a lesser-known and little-appreciated cousin: July 10th, National Dab Day. . Cannabis oils are used in the extraction process for cannabis concentrates like dabs, shatter, amber, etc…

What is a 710 friend?

More recently, another three-digit code has become popular weed slang within this same community. . Something that is “710 friendly” is specifically highlighting that they are friendly to the concentrates community within the cannabis culture.

Why do stoners celebrate 7 10?

710, or 7/10, is considered a “stoner” holiday for consuming cannabis oil products, dabs, or concentrates. The term 710 rotated upside down spells OIL, a word used to describe highly potent cannabis products such as hash oil, shatter, wax, and so on. The holiday occurs on July 10th — 7/10, written numerically.

Why are stoners called Ents?

This term derives from Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. Ents are tree folk or living trees, and the use of “trees” as slang for cannabis led to nerdy stoners making the connection.

What is a stoner girl?

A female who smokes weed;the new generation of hippies but wear tight jeans,bath,shave,have bangs,stunna shades;a female who smokes weed alot.

How do you say I’m high?


  1. intoxicated.
  2. tipsy.
  3. wasted.
  4. drugged.
  5. drunk.
  6. inebriated.
  7. plastered.
  8. stewed.

Does taking a shower take away your high?

The hot water and steam can help relax your body, and the time in the shower can help you work through any pesky or anxious thoughts that are keeping you from enjoying your high. Alternately, you can make taking a hot shower the entire point of getting high.

How do you ask someone not to smoke in your presence?

If the smoker is an acquaintance, simply say you don’t like being exposed to secondhand smoke and that you’ll wait to meet up elsewhere. If you or someone in your party has a lung disease like COPD or asthma, speak up. Say, “Excuse me, but I try to avoid secondhand smoke due to COPD.

Why would someone ask if you smoke?

Asking whether an applicant smokes implies that it’s a determining factor in the hiring process. By asking, you open yourself up to claims of discrimination and to accusations of violating laws that ban questions regarding smoking and other health issues.

What does it mean when a guy wants to smoke with you?

He could be trying to introduce you to it to open your eyes about it, he could be wanting someone to smoke with, or he could be trying to get you intoxicated so he can take advantage. Either way, if you do decide to smoke with him, make sure he smokes first (because it could be laced, always a good habit to do).

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