POF : What’s up with all of the « _____ Likes You » emails from POF?

POF : What’s up with all of the « _____ Likes You » emails from POF?

Is this some automated system intended to get you to login and see more ads?


I have been getting a lot of these messages, and the link to « View their profile » doesn’t work. And these supposed women who « liked me » are not showing up in my « Interested In Me » page. I just recently became a paying member again. When you are not a paying member, the link in those emails just leads to a page saying « PAY UP and you can see who’s interested ». Now that I am a paying member, apparently those emails are nothing but computer generated garbage.


Incidentally, I think it’s worth paying for POF, you do get some worthwhile features. But if they’re generating fake « Likes » to solicit your money, shame on them.

By. ohenryx

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  1. I’ve been on for about 2 months, paying member. Over the past 2-3 weeks, a huge increase in ‘likes’ and then no link to an actual account. As I’m an older man, I do get plenty of scams from « older » women whose one or 2 pics look for them to be 28. I’m sure they are aware that if they put an older age in their profile, they then show up on older mens’ accounts.

    Overall, I think POF is just like all the rest and I’m not at all surprised if they « promote » these themselves.

  2. Yes these are fake temporary accounts and the city usually shows as [](, username usually ending with an underscore, and after a few minutes the account no longer exist. Deleted accounts won’t show in history any longer. I don’t pay for this con service, I just reverse engineer their garbage and find who saw and liked.


    They have a whole database of pics and profiles to grab from and generate a temp account and fake a like to your profile just to get your money, pretty shitty and simple.

  3. It’s the Match scam. I had Match a long time ago around when they got sued and as soon as you cancelled your account all of a sudden you got a bunch of « winks » from hot girls. Then you paid to join again and those people who winked you magically disappeared. Total Jew scam.

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