Tinder : Being a single mother is hard

Tinder : Being a single mother is hard

Being a single mother is hard

By. TenuredTeacher

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  1. You forgot:

    – just a Pam looking for her Jim
    – speaks fluent sarcasm
    – feed me pizza/tacos and tell me I’m pretty
    – if I super liked you it was an accident

  2. Hopefully one photo is of him standing in his living room but dressed for a nightclub while holding a glass of wine and laughing at an imaginary friend off-camera.

  3. You forgot

    -Im so quirky, I like Pizza

    -If you want a whore by one, if you want a king earn him

    -If I super liked you it was a accident

    -I will probably swipe eight if you have a job

    -Only serious relationships (then be a slut in the dms)

  4. Hilarious but probably not good for your dating image. You’re basically insinuating to a bunch of women in your dating pool that they’re all basic. It’s like insulting your date before she even agrees to going out with you.

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