Tinder : Guess I’ll die.

Tinder : Guess I’ll die.

Guess I’ll die.

By. RahulTBH

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  1. Tinder only exists to pamper girl’s ego’s . Don’t measure your own value by what others think of you , cause if you do so , your feelings will always be determined by someone else , giving them all the power to rule your life . A man’s the master of his own faith brother . ( Assuming you’re a man manly man )

  2. honestly dude i go through like 3 months of getting a match every few days then one day i’ll randomly start getting a bunch. It’s a strange app.

  3. Their algorithm is super strange, sometimes I only get to see girls that are 8-10 pointers.

    Then it can go down to 3-5pointers.

    Seems like I go up in points when I get matches and if I swipe allot without getting matches I go down.

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