Tinder : Hiking

Tinder : Hiking


By. na3eeman

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  1. Theres a couple places here in NZ that actually have lines to get to a specific point because people are going there to take social media pictures to make themselves look good

  2. My thing is that I really really enjoy it, but when I’m at school I don’t have that much time to do it and when I’m not at school I live 2+ hours away from the nearest good trails. It’s tragic

  3. I do like hiking but I live in Florida. Hiking in Florida is « Oh look, a pine tree at sea level. », « Oh wow, another pine tree at sea level »…. »Oh hello meth head robbing me »

  4. yeah, on the trails most weekends, even in winter. I use meet up groups and have joined a few specific trail organizations because it’s easier to have someone else lead. I am not seeing the same people on these trails as I do on Tinder. On the rare occasion that I see someone I would find ‘swipe right’ attractive, they are there with a partner already. Then again, there is a good chance female hikers are looking at me thinking… « ugh, where are all the hot guys from tinder that say they like hiking »?

  5. I even mentioned it in my okc profile once… If everyone that says they love hiking actually did it, then why aren’t the trails packed like Saturday night at a shopping mall in 1985?

    I think for some women it’s code for « no couch potatoes, » and for some men it’s code for « I saw in your profile that you like hiking, so I’ll just put that down in mine too. What’s a trail? »

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