Tinder : I gotta teach math too now?

Tinder : I gotta teach math too now?

I gotta teach math too now?

By. khizarce

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  1. Okay hear me out here. You were trying to call her a 10 by saying that the variable U was equal to 10 and implying a « you/U » connection. But your other variable was X. So while you’re calling her a 10, you’re telling her your ex was a 15.

  2. I’ve never used Tinder before but I have read a bunch of these posts on Reddit. Is this the kind of stuff you have to do on Tinder in order to get noticed, or can you just be a normal person and not have to come up with corny assed shit? Or are all of these conversations faked in order to get upvotes?

  3. I think she would have get it if you inversed your statement such as:

    « Because U are a 10, X must be 15. »

    Still, you might have dodged a bullet if she’s unable to think it up by herself.

  4. Okay so this girl is most likely Vietnamese (going off her name, what I can tell in her picture, and just not a native from how she talks). As someone who is dating a Vietnamese girl this is my everyday life when I say pickup lines, idioms, expressions, or any English figure of speech. They aren’t accustomed to it. it is a lot of work to constantly explain this stuff. Lol

  5. Trying to impress girls with things that would make your guy friends laugh is a fruitless exercise. Impress them with shit they care about

  6. You need to switch the X to a D and change it to something like this.

    “Can you help me with this equation? U + D = 19”

    Then say something like

    “Well i know for a fact the D is 9 inches which makes sense because U are definitely a 10”

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