Tinder : Is it desperate for a girl to text first ?

Tinder : Is it desperate for a girl to text first ?

So had this chat with my friend today, she said it is desperate for a women to message first and it took me by surprise. I have messaged guys sometimes if I feel like I have to make the first move and have always got a reply straight away so never seemed like a problem for me. But she kinda made me feel embarrassed about doing it. What are your thoughts on a girl making the first move ?

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  1. I messaged my bf on Tinder first. He said he was more inclined to talk to me as I showed interest in his bio and getting to know him rather than matching and radio-silence till he finds something fun to say. It is a fine line because if you spam / double text often as the conversation is warming up the girl might look a little too keen.

    We have been together 10 months now and so in love, the first guy I’d consider (and open to discussing) a future with! 🙂

  2. It’s a good thing to message first. It will send some signals though. It will signal that you actually are interested. Men will be generally more forward with you if you message first. Those are both good things though, but I’ve heard people talk about them like they are bad, so.

  3. It’s like a godsend when a girl messages first. Super rare but much appreciated. Unless it’s some boring ass message that’s like “what’s your favorite food”. Would much rather take a “hey what’s up” over that.

  4. No it’s perfectly fine. If anything it’s better since tinder favors women, it’s easy for a guy to assume that they’re not interested and so a message first would make them more engaged

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