Tinder : Is it possible to loose « likes you » ?

Tinder : Is it possible to loose « likes you » ?

I had like 30 « likes you » waiting, but I don’t have tinder gold so I couldn’t match them.

After a while I reconnected and it dropped to 3, I matched with a girl and it dropped to 2.

And today (after ~2 weeks) I have no « likes you » at all, and I didn’t match with nobody.

So those « likes you » were fake or what ?

Has this happened to somebody ?

Was this just a trap so I get tinder gold ?

By. curtisage

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  1. Sometimes people deleted their Tinder and your likes go away that way. I don’t know how often this happens but that could be why

  2. Almost positive that the whole « 30 people liked you » think is just to get you to buy premium. No proof of course, it’s just pretty suspicious

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