Tinder : One day though, one day

Tinder : One day though, one day

One day though, one day

By. Bajrangbali_319

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  1. Now this is the story all about how,
    My profile got swiped right upside down,
    And I’d like to make a post, just sit right there,
    I’ll gather karma while I troll for sex on Tindere.

  2. I’ve half-assed Tinder for a year and a half. I went on one Tinder date that went nowhere, and slept with one girl who I got to know not because we matched, but because I started talking to her through Snapchat. I’ve been ghosted countless times and had probably half a dozen accidental super likes. My personal opinion is that this app and every one like it is hot garbage unless you’re a conventionally attractive person. I’ve fared way better elsewhere.

    But I DO love reading through this sub.

  3. shouldn’t get discouraged. if you enjoy spending time awkwardly chatting with lasses that are likely 50% there for a free meal to go to a date to fund that either a/ the photo is at LEAST 5 years out of date or b/ the gorgeous lass was eaten by a similarly looking earth destroying boehemoth but fuck me sideways she has seen me and now I cannot escape from this eating establishment and partake in what cannot be described as a waste of time.

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