Tinder : Profile Review – Week of August 13, 2019

Tinder : Profile Review – Week of August 13, 2019

Post information about you/your profile here and get it reviewed just in time for the weekend.

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  1. 24 M

    I have just started tinder a few days ago. At the moment, I have 90 likes but I barely got any matches?! Anything wrong with my profile or is it just tinder being buggy?

    On a side note, it would be nice to get some feedback on my profile. Thanks!

  2. Hi!

    23 m looking for your honest opinion.

    I opened tinder a week and a half ago, yet I get no matches.

    I wonder if my profile is bad…
    These are my photos:

    And my bio is:

    « If I were a party decoration, I’d be a disco ball – just shining over everyone with good vibes.

    A student traveling around the US, looking for nothing too serious, just fun. »

    I really appreciate any kind of opinion, because I have no idea what I’m doing wrong…

  3. Can I get an honest profile eval? I’m fairly new to Tinder (2 weeks) with moderate success but always looking for ways to improve.

    Here is my bio (I live in Mexico so I translated it to English):

    « Super handsome » – My auntie, she sends internet memes.

    « Marco is breathtaking » – Keanu Reeves

    Pros of knowing me:
    + I can lie about how we met buying tortillas (it’s a thing in México)
    + I know how to cook Phad Thai
    + I know where tacos are really good (it’s a thing in México)
    + I sing opera when I dish wash
    + I know how to combine with your outfit without ever using a soccer jersey
    + I love to tell stories and ours will be my favorite

    – I’m not Keanu Reeves
    – Your neighbors may complain if I dish wash

    Here are my pictures: [](


    I appreciate the feedback and good vibes.


    I’ve been pretty active since I got an account a month ago. I matched once right at the start and haven’t matched since… I’m not expecting much but this is really killing my confidence. I’ve tried editing my bio from being straightforward and informative to kind of goofy, switching my pictures around (these are really the only good ones of me), being super picky with who I swipe with, swiping on anyone I find attractive or interesting at all, super liking, nothing’s ever worked out. Should I reset my account, or is there just something terribly wrong with it? I have no idea what to put in my bio anyway so I’d love to hear how to improve it.

  5. [31M/Straight] I usually don’t get any matches or eventually few per 2-3 weeks. I guess I am average looking man or below that. Any advice/feedback or comments are highly appreciated. I will also be glad on honest opinions if I am actually attractive or not, it won’t hurt my feelings and it will help me with managing expectations.


    Bio: I am quite goal oriented and I like to read, travel, go on some concerts/musicals, meet with friends and experiment with new things. I am not big fan of night clubs and prefer social activities, bars or doing something at home but when I get out you can count on me to not leave before the fun is over. I would consider myself active and sporty but not obsessed with it. Right now improving my bouldering, running and cycling.

  6. Just made my bio:.

     » My Wife left me after I spent our life savings on a penis-enlargement surgery, she said ‘I just can’t take it any longer!’  »

    23/M/ straight.

    Quality dad joke or should I shelf it?

  7. [](




    Sorry about the 4 links wasn’t sure how to make it all in one picture, but those are my pics in order. Any advice would be appreciated because i don’t get any matches, my bio has my height and reads « looking for someone to do fun summer stuff w ». Kind of vague, but who cares

  8. 19/male/straight/Tampa
    So here’s my get up:
    Honeslty not the most confident when pertaining to rules 1&2, so I’m here to ask about camera angles and (very) possible bio tackiness. Im not sure what to think of it, so feedback would be nice 🙂

  9. 24m, straight, Denver

    Here’s what I’m working with:

    I feel like the bio is okay and my pictures are what I need to work on. Any advice for new pictures to take, ordering, or other revisions? Also, feel free to leave a rating so I can get a small view into what other people think about how I present myself. Thanks in advance!

  10. idk if this is exactly what this thread is for, but how tf do you come up with a bio? everything i write swings between corny and stuffy

  11. Hey guys, so I joined Tinder 24 hrs ago to the hour as an experiment. All I included were pictures; no bio or anthem. Within that time frame, I have acquired 35 matches, 21 potential matches, and 7 conversations self-initiated by women I matched with. Now, I did not come to Tinder to hook up or really find a relationship but more to see what the fuss about « never finding matches » is. That’s why I included no bio or extra info besides my photos – to make it difficult to get matches. Here is my takeaway from this experience so that perhaps others can gain more matches and dates.

    1. Learn how to dress. Join r/malefashionadvice . Start following fashion accounts that post outfits you think are cool. Start shopping for clothes that fit your build and style well. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone either here; you honestly never know what might look good when the whole outfit is put together. And it doesn’t have to be expensive too; stores like Rosses have a pretty good selection if you hunt around.
    2. Lear self-care. Get a proper haircut that matches what your age group is currently attracted to OR what looks best on you. For me (22yr Asian male), fades are what are most common now. Learn how to style your hair and maintain it. Skin care is highly important, especially for those like me that are prone to cysts and keloid scars. Washing your face often, apply acne cream, etc.
    3. Go to the gym! Planet Fitness is $5 a month. Anyone can afford that. And honestly, everyone has at least an hour a day to get off their ass and workout. I work 12 hour days as a nurse and still get up at 4am to get my gym session in. Not only is it good for overall health, but it will improve your attraction physically and build self-confidence.
    4. Have no expectations. This is Tinder. People are on here for a variety of reasons; friends, relationships, hook ups, etc. None of these people owe you anything and neither you to them. Be confident, be sincere, and just don’t be a douche guys. Half of the conversations I have had already a girl has remarked that I’m the first dude to appear nice and genuine on here without asking « dtf » or « nudes » within the first few lines.
    5. Take good pictures. You want matches? Tinder is nearly all about first glance appearances unfortunately. That’s why it’s important to do steps 1-3; to look your best in pictures AND in person. Go to some photogenic places, don’t be afraid to pose, and have a friend take photos for you. Even look up posing of some « insta models » because honestly a lot of them have it down for the kinds of photos you should be taking. Minor after shot tweaks such as saturation, brightness, or shadowing tweaks can vastly improve a picture as well but they should be subtle.

    That’s my brief summary of what I have learned from this experience. Drop questions or bio reviews below if you want! Hoping someone can have a good takeaway from my advice above.

    And lastly, proof and pictures: [](

  12. 23 / M / Straight

    How is this for a bio?

    « 6’1″

    My strengths include getting sunburnt while boating, petting animals, dancing like a fool at concerts, yelling at my TV while watching my teams, pretending I’m Bear Grylls, and going alone in euchre.

    The only weaknesses I can think of are Taco Bell, this profile, and a girl with a cute smile. »

  13. EDIT: 25, M, straight

    I’m gonna be completely honest I’ve been on tinder for 5 ish months and all it’s done has damaged my self confidence because I get nothing and I mean nothing and the only conclusion I’m left to make is that I’m both physically repulsive and have a personality with no attractove qualities, and the few girls I’ve been out with and everyone else I know in the real world is just trying not to hurt my feelings.

    I don’t know if there are tips to resolve this or someone just wants to take my profile and make it not shit but I have only gotten bad feels put of this app so far.

    Reply and we can do… something? Otherwise I’m just gonna assume I’m a lost cause.

  14. Is this a good bio?

    “Looking for a partner in crime. Or we can start with ice cream and work our way up to crime. Likes nature, writing, sports, and music (anything but country). I’m ugly but I’ll treat you right.”

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