Tinder : Ugly tinder

Tinder : Ugly tinder

Can there be a dating app for people who actually need it. Tinder drains me. Its filled with the most beautiful people. Like fuck just go outside you have 3 people waiting for you outside your door not to mention the 14 others that are blowing up your phone. Leave some for us creatures.

By. Chance-Floor-6976

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  1. We’ll call it Bagger. You have to send verification pictures, and mods will manually approve your profile once you are confirmed to be sufficiently ugly.

  2. There will always be a nonzero amount of people on Tinder who generally wouldn’t be considered attractive in terms of appearance. Quite a high amount, actually. It’s not just for good-looking people, even though ofc people who look better will be matched with disproportionately to others. That’s a given on an app styled the way it is. Plus, getting attention on Tinder thanks to being good looking isn’t always a positive thing. There’s more to a fulfilling interaction with somebody else than just looking good. You seem extraordinarily bitter. This may sound harsh, but if you truly are ugly and want to date, then the onus is on you to make up for your deficits in different ways. Many of us have to do that, either through a good sense of humor or any number of other traits. Bitterness isn’t one of the qualities you’ll want to have if you’re looking to make up for your appearance. Also, as a tip, it’s often beneficial for people who aren’t doing so hot on Tinder to supplement their online dating with developing in-person game. Building up that confidence with in-person interactions can prove to be very beneficial. Odds are, you aren’t doomed.

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