Tinder : What’s the nicest way possible to reject someone?

Tinder : What’s the nicest way possible to reject someone?

For example the girl below, I have no idea how to say I’m not interested without feeling like a dick.

What’s your go to line when you’re not interested?


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  1. My suggestion: « Hey there, thank you for the sweet message. Unfortunately I’m going through things right now in my life that make me feel I’d be emotionally unavailable for any kind of relationship right now. I honestly am not too keen on talking about them, but thank you for putting a smile on my face today, it really helps. I hope you find your Mister Right out there. 🙂 »

  2. You can always tell her how flattered you are, but you’re already talking to someone and you arent the type of person to talk to multiple girls at the same time. That way she doesn’t feel like you dont like her and you look like the good guy

  3. ignore. she might assume you never even saw the message.

    how do i know this? women do it to me all the time. 🙁


    if you unmatch she’ll know you saw it and weren’t interested.


    or tell her you just turned gay. or just got back with your ex. or say, « this is the sister of the guy you were texting… he died so he won’t be getting back to you. i hope you’re able to get over the loss. i will send you funeral information soon. »

  4. Ask for her religion and wherever she answer just say that your family will have problem with that … I only date with girls from my church :v

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