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What does loyal to a fault mean?

to a fault Definitions and Synonyms

phraseformal. DEFINITIONS1. used for emphasizing that someone or something has a particular good quality to a very great degree. be generous/loyal/honest etc to a fault: He’s a very kind-hearted man, and generous to a fault.

What is a good quote for loyalty? Be loyal and trustworthy. Do not befriend anyone who is lower than yourself in this regard. Nothing is more noble, nothing more venerable, than loyalty. Loyalty means nothing unless it has at its heart the absolute principle of self-sacrifice.

Therefore, When you appreciate your faults they lose their power over you? Instead of your weakness, they become your strength.

What are unity quotes? Related Items

  • « Unity to be real must stand the severest strain without breaking. » – …
  • « We are each other’s harvest; we are each other’s business; we are each other’s magnitude and bond. » – …
  • « We cannot be separated in interest or divided in purpose. …
  • « Unity without verity is no better than conspiracy. » –

Then, Can someone be loyal to a fault?

Yes, loyalty can be a fault. It’s hard when you are so hyper-focused on work or overly committed to some random new obsession to pay attention to the fact that this thing you are aligned to is no longer aligned to you.

How do you use loyal to fault in a sentence?

3. 10 He is loyal to a fault, even to his enemies. 11 Flamsteed, meticulous to a fault, had spent forty years mapping the heavens-and had still not released his data. 12 His father’s brother, Gloucester had hitherto been loyal to a fault.

How do you say you are loyal?


  1. loyal. adjective. willing to support, work for, or be a friend to someone, even in difficult times.
  2. faithful. adjective. continuing to support someone or be their friend, even in a difficult situation.
  3. committed. adjective. …
  4. trustworthy. adjective. …
  5. stalwart. adjective. …
  6. true. adjective. …
  7. diehard. adjective. …
  8. solid. adjective.

What is being honest to a fault?

Honest to a Fault Meaning

Definition: Very honest; truthful even at one’s own detriment.

What does loyal to the core mean?

phrase. You can use to the core to describe someone who is a very strong supporter of someone or something and will never change their views.

What does too nice to a fault mean?

phrase. If you say that someone has a particular good quality to a fault, you are emphasizing that they have more of this quality than is usual or necessary. [emphasis] Jefferson was generous to a fault.

What does it mean when someone says to a fault?

Excessively, extremely, as in He was generous to a fault. This phrase, always qualifying an adjective, has been so used since the mid-1700s.

How do you prove loyalty?

Loyalty is the ability to put others before yourself and stick with them in good times and bad. Show loyalty to friends, family, and significant others by being honest, trustworthy, supportive, and generous. Maintain healthy boundaries with those around you so you can be loyal to them in a productive way.

What are examples of being loyal?

An example of loyal is a person who stands by her friend’s side through good and bad times. Faithful to a person or cause. Steadfast in allegiance to one’s homeland, government, or sovereign. Having or demonstrating undivided and constant support for someone or something.

What is loyalty evidence?


Obedience to parents, elders, leaders in the society. Obedience to rules and regulations in the society. Respect to our parents, elders, leaders. Respect for nation and national symbols. Strong spirit to serve and defend our nation.

What is it called to be too honest?

Direct and without attempting to disguise unpleasantness. frank. straightforward. candid. blunt.

What is the meaning of cut to the bone?

Definition of cut to the bone

: reduced to the lowest possible amount The company’s expenses had been cut to the bone.

What is core hurt?

Hurtcore, a portmanteau of « hardcore » and « hurt », is a name given to a particularly extreme form of child pornography, usually involving degrading violence, bodily harm and child sexual abuse.

What does it mean when you feel it in your bones?

Definition of know/feel in one’s bones

: to have a strong feeling about something : sense very strongly He knew in his bones that he was wrong.

What does selfless to a fault mean?

Prone to generosity, perhaps excessively so.

Is being too nice a weakness?

« You can never be too nice to people, but you must nonetheless, be vigilant, as some will see it as a sign of weakness and try to take advantage of you, » warns Quora user Christopher Kosel in one representative answer.

How do you respond to you’re too nice?

For example, in the context of an act of service or lending a favor, among older speakers it is common to answer « Thank you, [you’re too kind]. » with « You’re welcome. » Younger speakers may say « It’s nothing » or « No problem ». See also « My pleasure » or « anytime » as other valid responses.

What does forgiving to a fault mean?

To give up resentment against or stop wanting to punish (someone) for an offense or fault; pardon.

What is the word for not being able to make a decision?

indecision. indecisive. indecisiveness. “Indecisive.” Thesaurus, Merriam-Webster,

Can you be loyal and not faithful?

Conclusion. The main difference between loyalty and faithfulness is their usage. When we are describing a relationship with a steadfast or trustworthy partner, we can use either word, loyal or faithful. But we don’t generally use the word faithful to describe loyalty to the country or workplace.

What makes someone loyal?

A loyal person will value honesty above everything else and this is the primary trait. A loyal friend may not agree with you on every matter; however, he/she will never be pretentious. A loyal person will always let you know the truth even if the opinion does not match with yours.

Why being loyal is important?

Loyalty lets people know that you want them in your life and that they are precious to you. To achieve this, it’s important your loyalty towards them is recognized. The first step toward this goal is being honest and trustworthy. It’s important to express your feelings, good or bad, and talk about them.

What characteristics make someone loyal?

Here are a Few Traits of a Loyal Person

  • Honesty. …
  • They Stand by You and Take a Stand for You. …
  • They Respect Boundaries. …
  • They Celebrate Your Success. …
  • They have a Positive Outlook on Life. …
  • They Invest in the Relationship. …
  • They Don’t have Conditions in a Relationship.

What makes a man loyal?

For a man to remain faithful only to his spouse, he must be ready to communicate openly. When he realizes he is not getting certain things in the relationship, he should air his concerns. Keeping quiet about them is not the best way because there is a tendency to seek wrong counsel elsewhere.

What makes someone a loyal person?

5) A loyal person is selfless

They consider the needs of others rather than themselves. They help and care without looking for something in return. They focus on the other person’s feelings and happiness. They pursue and practice selflessness for the sake of the people they love.

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