10 signs that it is

10 signs that it is

10 signs that it is

La Rédaction Marie France Thursday October 4, 2018 updated Thursday October 4, 2018

  • He doesn’t want to show up with you

    Whether in the street or on social networks, your partner systematically refuses to show off with you: he hates restaurants with a partner, pretends to have sweaty hands not to take yours and never likes his face on selfies. that you are about to post. In short, he always finds an excuse not to show off by your side. Unless he has something to be ashamed of and leads a double life, it’s suspicious!

  • He doesn’t make any plans with you

    Cohabitation, marriage, baby or simply romantic weekend … the phobic of commitment is unable to project into the future. If your partner refuses to plan even one activity for the next day, it is clear that he is nervous about getting involved.

  • He doesn’t take care of you

    Engagement phobics tend to ignore each other’s needs in order to emotionally preserve themselves. An attitude they sometimes do not even realize …

  • He does not want to introduce his entourage to you

    Since you are in a relationship, he has never introduced you to his relatives. Neither to his family nor even to his friends. If you’ve been together for a few days, nothing’s wrong. On the other hand, if your relationship dates back to the beginning of last summer, ask yourself questions.

  • It changed overnight

    In the early days of your relationship, not a day went by that Paul didn’t give you news. When you didn’t see each other, you could hang on the phone for hours on end promising yourself wonders. Dripping with love, he did everything he could to get you. But since your relationship came true, news has been scarce and signs of affection even more so. Moreover, he has just canceled an evening alone with you. The typical behavior of the commitment phobic.

  • He had a heartache

    If he has had a painful romantic experience, this may explain his excessive fear of commitment. He is certainly afraid of going through the same things again and he hopes to preserve himself by staying aloof.

  • It doesn’t open up to you

    You’ve been together for 8 months already and yet you feel like you don’t know anything about him. Whether it is his experience or his personality, the commitment phobic is careful never to reveal too personal information for fear of showing his weaknesses. Beware!

  • He only had short relationships

    What little you know about him suggests that he never had a long relationship. It is a sign that does not deceive … the phobic of commitment tends to leave his partners as soon as his stories get a little too serious.

  • He never stays long with you

    When you finally manage to spend a moment just for two, he never lasts very long … He always has better things to do than spend the night with you (even after a hug); he never devotes two consecutive days to you and if he accidentally lets himself go a little too much, he instantly takes the loose. The fear of commitment is real.

  • He hates to hear the word « engagement »

    Some words make him tick … « Move in together », « joint account », « engagement »: as soon as you say them, he skilfully dodges the conversation or gets angry.

Do you have doubts about the reliability of your partner and the future of your relationship? Despite his words, do you have a strong suspicion that he does not want to get involved? Here are 10 signs that prove it’s a commitment phobic.

Your spouse categorically refuses to introduce you to his relatives? Does he never plan on high and share little or nothing with you? Be careful, you may be dealing with a commitment phobic.

What is commitment phobia?

The phobia of commitment, not to be confused with the simple desire not to invest, is similar to a blue fear of romantic relationships and affects men more than women. Handicapped by fear, the phobic is simply not capable of fully and lastingly investing in a relationship. And this, even if he has real feelings towards his partner.

The origins of this phobia are diverse and varied. It may be a childhood trauma (parental divorce, abandonment …), a bad love experience, a personal discomfort, a painful break-up or even a refusal to lose one’s freedom. Sometimes, the fear of commitment is simply linked to the absence of hooks with the spouse or a dissatisfaction with the emerging relationship …

Discover 10 signs that prove it’s a commitment phobic.

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