Dating : 365 Day Journaling — Day #134- Let it go

h2>Dating : 365 Day Journaling — Day #134- Let it go

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Divya Vartika
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Long ago I read a short story somewhere which I could never forget.

There was a man you was very happy in his life. Every day he would go to work and every evening he would come back home and have a great time with his family. His neighbour worked with him but he would come home carrying a lot of anger and stress from work. This caused a lot of problems in his personal relationships as well.

So he asked the happy man his secret. The happy man simply said that every evening when he comes back, he leaves all his work-related problems at the doorstep before entering his home. Every morning while going to work he picks up his worries from the doorstep but he always finds them lighter than what he left the previous night.

Sometimes, we just need this simple approach in life. When we keep staring at any problem, it keeps getting bigger and bigger and eventually engulfs us. However, if we just keep the worry aside for even a little while, it will become manageable when we come back to it.

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