Dating : 9 Moments That Are Telling Of A Person’s True Character

h2>Dating : 9 Moments That Are Telling Of A Person’s True Character

If you own a car and have any sort of commute, chances are you drive every day. It’s part of life, something we just have to do. But like anything in life, how we handle the unavoidable says a lot about us as a person.

How a person acts when they’re driving is one of those moments that can help you understand if they’re a calm, collected person or if they’re always on edge and, to be frank, a bit of an asshole.

We’re all going to get to where we need to be eventually; flipping someone the bird won’t get you there any sooner.

Maybe they’re projecting their insecurities onto their friend, perhaps they have some issues with attracting quality friends, or it could be they actually act in the same exact way as the friends they’re complaining about. Chances are, it’s a mixture of all three.

And chances are if they talk shit behind their friend’s back, they’re going to do the same behind yours.

I’ve become very attuned to noticing this in other people because once you’re aware it’s a thing, it’s hard to ignore. As much as I love to hear about what is going on in someone’s life that I care about, I want to feel important too. And I want to spend my time with people that value my stories just as much as they value theirs.

But now I question the “crazy” ex story all the time. Was she really crazy? Or are you instead trying to negate how she felt or not own up to your own actions? Same goes for women too. Sometimes, people avoid owning up to their own wrongdoings as to not be seen in a negative light.

Come to think of it, when was the last time you heard someone say, “my ex-girlfriend had a lot that was going on in her life that she couldn’t handle in conjunction with our relationship. I could see it was causing her a lot of mental anguish and, for the sake of her sanity and mine, I decided to end things.”

Hmm.. almost never.

But if you ever do, you know you have someone with high emotional intelligence on your hands, and that’s a special human being right there. And let’s also not look past that saying nothing about their ex is a great sign too. It means they’re able to healthily move on from what is meant to be in the past.

If they can laugh it off or talk about the situation in a calm manner, then they’re a pretty humble, rational person. Embarrassment is, of course, inevitable, but you don’t need to act like a cocky jerk and blame others. That doesn’t make their mess-up any less apparent, and it’s only revealing that you’re not able to accept that all people make mistakes.

All three are indicative of different personality types, and it’s up to you to decide if they’re negative or acceptable qualities for someone you want to spend your time with. I would hope that, for your sake, an adult tantrum doesn’t take much considering. But you’d be surprised how much people are willing to look past.

Sure, you’ve come to a restaurant to be waited on. There are certain expectations that you have from a waiter: you hope for them to bring your food to you instead of pointing at in the kitchen and yelling, “grab it while it’s hot!”

But the respect someone shows people in the service industry simply because they’re another human being will let you know if they’re a caring, compassionate person. In fact, no one is above anyone else simply because of their choice of occupation. If they indicate they think otherwise, they’re probably an asshat.

If someone acts aggressive and angry when they’ve had one too many drinks, then chances are they’re like that in general, alcohol just makes it come to the forefront. Observing someone when they drink and deciding if that’s the kind of person you want to be around isn’t such a bad idea. Soberly, people can hide a lot more than when they’re intoxicated.

But for those that do, the way they treat their mom is indicative of many things. For guys, it can often times show the way they view females in general. If they’re quick to put their mom down or lack any sense of respect for her, chances are they’re going to be like that with other women in their life.

As for women, having a weaker relationship with their mom can be telling of how deep they’re able to form a relationship with other females. A mother-daughter relationship is a bit more complicated than that of a mother and son, though. So I will leave it at that.

A general rule of thumb: if someone treats their mother like shit, that’s a huge red flag.

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