Dating : A Conversation Between Two readers

h2>Dating : A Conversation Between Two readers


● Aarav

Idea of seating at another state airport alone is always fucked up for an adult who never travelled solo. Unfortunately, he has nothing to do. After completing his interview with a B-School and a long journey of 20 days, he is really exhausted and all he wants to do is just pick that plane and go home where he can sleep endlessly without any hesitation and do some mischief without any hesitation because these 20 days were too long for him.

● Natasha

waiting at the airport before 3 hours of the flight because she was done with her business meeting early here, in a different state where she could either stay in the hotel room all alone or just go early to the airport for the flight so she decides to go early to the airport.

● Aarav

After check-in at the airport and giving details of his well-being to her mother all he wants is good food. Because after a long cab drive from his interview place to the airport uber driver didn’t allow him to stop in between his journey. So he is quite hungry right now. He finds a KFC where he can go to eat his favourite food, chicken. In all those 20 days he only eats chicken but still, his cravings for chicken are never-ending.

● Natasha

after check-in, she makes some calls, firstly, she calls to the headquarter office just tell them that she was done with the meeting early, and now she wants to come back early if there is another early flight so she can reach home early where she can read her favourite genre along with her favourite black coffee but the receptionist told her that there was no early flight and she had to wait for 3 hours.

● Aarav

After delicious KFC chicken burger and Bucket of Chicken wings. Now he needs to do something to kill his time. Here when he figured out that there is a smoke room, he went there and asked for the Marlboro. but the airport authority only allowed the gold flake. After disappointment of not getting his favourite brand, he takes a tour of the airport where his eyes catch what he actually needed to kill his time.

● Natasha

After knowing that she doesn’t have an option. All she has is 3 hours to pass before the flight. The only idea that crosses her mind is nothing but to find the crossword at the airport and pick up a novel to kill her time. So she asks one of the airport authority people, where could she find the crossword? That person guided her that she should go to the second floor at wing B where she will be able to find a food court and a crossword. After saying thank you she goes to second floor where she finds the crossword.

● Aarav

After finding the crossword, he gets a smile like he found water in the desert. all he wants to do is first take a tour of the whole crossword where there is some sale available for booklets, there are departments like currently top books, fiction, non-fiction, mythology, classic, poems, etc. etc. After taking the tour of crossword he takes some photos with different angles so as to upload those photos on his Instagram book gram page.

● Natasha

She is a reader since her childhood. All she wanted was a decent book that will help her to kill her time. She enters the crossword with enthusiasm. she started to look at the label of the departments and staring at the books with the thought that there are so many words in this single shop how can somebody ignore this place without giving a look at those books.

● Aarav

After taking some photos. He went to the department of mythology where he wanted to buy Ravaan the third installment of Ram trilogy by Amish Tripathi. where his eyes met with a girl who stands at the mythology department starring a book. So he excused her and started to find a book that he wanted to buy. After not getting the book he wanted, he got curious. At the same time, the girl who was staring at the books of mythology asked her what he was finding? He told her, he wanted to buy the third installment of the Ram series by Amish Tripathi.

● A book talk

When Natasha met Aarav in the crossword, he was finding Ravaan by Amish Tripathi. so she helped him to find the book seeing the curiosity in his eyesfor the book, a hunger for the words. After finding his book, Natasha asked him if he had already completed the first 2 installments of the Ram series. To which he replied that he loves mythology because of Amish Tripathi. Aarav told that he had already completed Shiva trilogy and started Ram series but due to his job work and studies he was not able to read this third installment so all he wants now is to start Ravaan and complete it.

● here is the conversation between two readers!!!

Aarav: Are you a reader?

Natasha: yes, kinda!!! What is your fav genre?

Aarav: mostly war based (second world war), young adult, fiction, and sometimes when I feel low self-help kinda. What’s your favorite genre?

Natasha: I am crazy for mythology and history-related books. either fiction or research-based novel. I can read it.

Aarav: So which book are you going to pick up today from this crossword?

Natasha: I want to buy the latest book of kalki series, but I have got that book at home but here for killing time I want something to read. so yes I will go with the latest installment of kalki.

After getting their book, both pay for their book and come out of the crossword. An awkward silence is felt after walking out of the crossword. Aarav wants to kill the awkwardness so he asks, OH sorry maybe, I didn’t ask your name, did I? so Natasha just kindly took out her hand from her formal pants for the shake and told her name. hey, I am Natasha, and you? So Aarav responded hey, I am Aarav. After this introduction Aarav politely asked her some details about her and in return Natasha also asked some details of him.

● the Conversation.

Aarav: So what are you doing?

Natasha: I am an executive manager of a company. and what about you?

Aarav: I just quit my job from the hospital to pursue my career in the MBA. Why are you in Hyderabad?

Natasha: I had a business meeting so as an executive manager I had my presentation for the company policy and all. So yes, for office work. and what about you? Why are you in Hyderabad? I think you have been to many places before Hyderabad, you look so tired, I can sense it.

Aarav: Okay so I had an interview at Hyderabad for B-School, before Hyderabad I had been to Pune, Maharashtra for the same kind of thing.

Natasha: Ohh!!! nice. So basically you have been far from home for so many days. Quite nice. I guess you have developed your reading habit because of the entrance exam of the MBA? I read a lot too during my MBA.

Aarav: nope, I developed this habit during my engineering but I got more into reading when I started preparing for the entrance exam of MBA.

After this, they started to read their books in silence. After sometime, Aarav asks her for coffee. She was going to refuse but seeing her watch she realised that there was a little bit time left for the flight so she put down her book and put a bookmark on the page she left on. They both started walking to Starbucks where Aarav ordered an Espresso, and Natasha ordered iced coffee. As coffee arrived at their table, they sip their first sip and Aarav kills the silence, so how much time is left for your flight? Natasha replied 30 minutes maybe the next announcement will be mine. and What about you? Aarav maybe around 45minutes. Natasha just nodded with her ice coffee. After completing the coffee, Natasha’s flight announcement was heard, so she bids a final goodbye to the random guy who helped her to kill time at the airport. Aarav just asked her last question of that meeting before the final goodbye. He asked Natasha where she lived? Natasha answered she is basically from Nagpur and is currently living in Mumbai now. Then she went to the exit door where she was asked for her boarding pass. But before she gave the boarding pass she wanted to do it, so she just turned and called Aarav and when Aarav came to her, she gave him a tight hug and said goodbye.!!!

And that’s how strangers connected to each other just because they are readers!!!

What do you think?

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