Dating : Ascot Mums Enraged as Bangladesh Flood Wipes Out Camilla Warehouse

h2>Dating : Ascot Mums Enraged as Bangladesh Flood Wipes Out Camilla Warehouse

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A group of enraged Ascot mums have stormed Queens Plaza in protest of the Camilla shortage. Other mums have locked themselves inside their mansions, afraid of prying eyes.

Britney, mother to Whitney and Ditney, has even refused to drive her daughters to school.

“I can’t be seen wearing last season”, says Britney, as she uses a Camilla kaftan to wipe a smudge off her Range Rover, “what would the other mothers think?”

A local source says that Ascot doctors have been driven frantic writing fake sick notes for pupils at Brisbane Grammar. Students who weren’t able to get an appointment in time have even resorted to using Uber Lux.

“It’s barbaric”, says Karen, head of the local country club, “what am I supposed to wear to lunch today? Fucking Zimmermann?”

Those planning on shopping at David Jones this weekend have been warned to stay clear. Reports suggest the mums may be armed and dangerous.

“I urge everyone to avoid the mall if they can,” says Sergeant Bell, “These women have Louboutins and they’re not afraid to use them.”

The only consolation from this mess is the additional employment opportunities offered to Au Pairs.

“I mean it’s great for us”, says an employee of the Dutton Nanny Agency, “This is the most business we’ve had in years.”

In unrelated news, the Camilla shortage seems to be affecting men too as more fathers chose to stay at home.


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