Dating : Ba

h2>Dating : Ba

Somehow got a black moth inside my apartment and it’s huge, flies everywhere, and impossible to kill. The first night I was up all night trying to kill it but was unsuccessful. I stood in the closet holding bug spray in my hand waiting for it to come out so I can get a shot at it. When I didn’t hear anything I went to bed with the covers over my head. In the morning when I woke up I had no idea where it was but I thought it was in the kitchen where I last saw it. Turns out it was in the closet that I was hiding in last night. I finally got a shot at it with bug spray but it moved too fast and disappeared for the rest of the day. I knew it would come out at night though so I was prepared. I put a curtain up in the closet area where I thought it was and I taped around all the edges and left the light on so it would think it’s daylight and I could see it better. I made a makeshift mosquito net using a sheet that i tied to the bed posts by my head to cover my entire body with.

Later in the evening I hear buzzing sounds and i move around and suddenly i see it jump to the window right over the chair i was sitting in. It was outside the taped up closet and flying by the window then I lost track of it, but I knew it was still around so i got into bed under the mosquito net sheet where it was hot and stuffy. Suddenly I hear noises of something flying around hitting the blinds and walls and then it dive bombs right on the sheet. I fling the sheet and hope it gets off. I’m so thankful for the sheet covering me. I’m pretty terrified of all the sounds going on but i lay still under the sheet and hope it doesn’t get in somehow. All night i listened to it by the window I think either dying or attempting to get out. Then there were no sounds and morning came and I think /hope it is gone for good.

What do you think?

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