Dating : Baby, masks off, masks down, please.

h2>Dating : Baby, masks off, masks down, please.

Ninosh André

Baby, masks off, masks down, please.

I had you on a pedestal. Not for what you think you were showing me, because believe me, I saw right through that. But because I thought I saw something else in you. Something true. And don’t get me wrong, the next few words are neither against you or even for you. These are for me. To finally be able to say it out loud. That you are not even half the man I saw the potential in you to be. Not yet. That you still have a long long way to be man enough. It was my bad for thinking you were closer. My bad for thinking you were even the kind of boy who ever turns into a man. I was blinded. I seriously could not tell you what blinded me even if I tried. I don’t know. But I’m okay with not knowing. I’ve made peace with it. I wanted to see the good in you so so bad. I didn’t see what you were, I saw the potential that you had to be whatever you wanted to be. But you see, it was just a reflection of my own dreams and hopes for you. It wasn’t real. And that was the problem. I placed my faith and heart into someone who I did not know, someone in which I was so desperately trying to find the good in, just because I couldn’t understand what was pulling me towards him. I couldn’t quite wrap my finger around why I felt this. Why I couldn’t stop thinking about him. But now I know the devil can pull you towards something that looks so much like an angel. And he will disguise it as everything you thought you wanted. So now, listen up, cause these last few words are for you. I’ve dropped every expectation I had of you ever being what I thought you were. So you can drop the act now. The hiding. It must feel good right? To not have to wear a mask anymore. At least not in front of me. To not try to pretend to be someone you are not. I bet it does. Go on, and thank you for teaching me yet another lesson in life.


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