Dating : Back at it, again!

h2>Dating : Back at it, again!

Julian Zehr
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It’s Sunday — that means another week of camp, or in this case, staff training.

We had a few hours before our responsibilities kicked in. During that time, we attended a service at Lowville Mennonite, and dined at Jeb’s for lunch.

The girl counselors took the long way — through town.

We followed them on the way out — but on our trip back I directed the counselor who applied before anyone else to take a side road.

We had enough time to make it to Jeb’s, park next to a fire hydrant, K-turn, and park in the parking lot next to the movie theater — before the girls had even parked once.

They parked next to us.

Lunch was pretty great. The counselor who applied before anyone else spotted me — he took good care of me.

We broke a fifty back at camp, then I found my other five and six ones that I couldn’t find at first.

Our trip back to camp started off with some goading and some adrenaline — she warned us that she doesn’t lose.

Everything was going great, until the vehicle in front of us slowed down to turn off at the Stillwater road — we saw the car behind us fly by and some Sign language from passengers in the back seat.

The counselor who applied before anyone else took a nap before it was time to start training again in mid-afternoon.

I watched a few Skis glide across the lake for a few minutes — then I communed in the staff lounge.

Okay so, the female APD just came in and said it’s time to go to bed.

And that is true. It is time for bed.

Dinner was great. We had an unexpected emergency rescue search sometime in the evening.

I had the privilege of being able to search the lake in my shorts and underwear.

We found Hillary (the aqua dummy) — she was immersed in shallow water inside the aqua jump swimming area.

I checked under the raft two times and rubbed my hands across the sand and gunk side to side in appropriate swaths.

In total, we definitely checked under the raft five or six times between the three of us who were searching the deep end swimming zone.

I was beginning to worry because we couldn’t find her…and the search had already been going on for what felt like a while.

At the end of it all, we were told that it only took everyone roughly twenty minutes to organize and find the missing camper on land and in the water.

We also had a parent panel just before the emergency search.

Nearly all the jokes were about purpling or staff relationships.

When the parents were asked what the greatest impact of camp has been on their lives — one of them responded “We got a daughter-in-law.”

So that was fun. Also, the missing land camper had been the fiance of the daughter-in-law who came to warn us that a camper was missing.

That was the synopsis of the story behind our emergency drill — also they are both married now, for clarification.

The emergency drill was the highlight of my day of training today — and also the greatest thing to have done — and off the table.

The suspense of not knowing when you’re going to have to jump in the lake and search for someone…takes a toll on you.

Dinner was baked potatoes with sour cream and various toppings. It was delicious.

Tomorrow we have a very big day ahead of us:

Canoeing to Eagle Canyon, doing belaying, setting up climbs there, and having cookout lunch — then canoeing to the rock to set up camp and sleep there overnight.

So without further ado — goodnight.

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