Dating : Black butterfly love

h2>Dating : Black butterfly love

will you spread your wings, wrap me up all inside you 
I hear you fluttering by when the nights are still

let’s spend these days and nights together
let’s live our life, hearts poured out on a page
let’s live our life, in flow like April’s showers mixed with summer rain

I’m ready, just say you will 
living it the way we wanna
try and stop us — they’re not gonna

I give my fear up to the break of dawn, the world keeps spinning, we go on and on
these are the days we’re under pressure to fall apart, these are the days we could be falling in love

we’re moving through the in between — like light with feathers

we’re every woman and every man
we are Black onyx wearing the night like a cape
we are super with this love, facing the edge of the precipice — yet imagining landing in the softest place

we steady our nerves, we hold on tight

soul flowers enduring the Sun and the storm
we’re meant for just a little more than before

we turn our own lives around
defying gravity, we lift off from the ground
the sky won’t hold us down

we live before we die, say hello before we say goodbye 
serenity we will touch, wrapped up in Black butterfly love

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