Dating : Chance to Date a Made in Chelsea Star

h2>Dating : Chance to Date a Made in Chelsea Star


Made In Chelsea star Freddie Browne joins CLiKD dating app for a major event.

The 22 year old West Londoner is using his time away from the show to try his hand at business. Specifically in the world of startups, and has teamed up with the East London based dating app CLiKD as their Head of Partnerships for what is looking likely to be one of the best speed dating events of the year.

Date Escapes is a night that will give the opportunity for 4 lucky couples to get a holiday in a secret destination with a complete stranger. However, not all the guests will be complete strangers to the general public.

As well as hosting the event Freddie will be bringing along a select few members of the Chelsea cast to get amongst the fun. The confirmed stars of the show so far include new fan favourites Verity Bowditch, Angus Findlay, and Eliza Batten who will be ready and waiting to be shipped away with a member of public should any win one of the holidays.

Freddie has a history of entrepreneurship springing from his love for travelling and fine art. Having held three exhibitions in 2018 under the title of The Contemporary Tribal (as seen on Made In Chelsea) with artworks all ethically sourced from small villages in India in the same year, he is very used to the running of events and projects.

On his entrepreneurial efforts Freddie is quoted as saying “I’ve always been inspired to share art with the world, it deserves to be appreciated, being able to do this whilst further exploring the world of business has been very exciting. Contemporary Tribal worked out as a fantastic opportunity to simultaneously expand my horizons and share my passion.”

On Date Escapes: “Made In Chelsea has become such a big part of my life, and spending so much time around my friends has shown me what can be achieved in the business world. Having the opportunity to share my world of Chelsea with the viewers in real life at Date Escapes whilst further delving into business and events has been a real privilege. I must thank all of my exceptional colleagues at CLiKD; they have made sure that Date Escapes will be a huge amount of fun for all involved.”

“You’ve seen the likes of Hugo, Jamie and Proudlock go on to curate super successful businesses — this has definitely helped lay the path for future business triumphs in our friendship group. I am sure that Date Escapes will be no exception to the growing Chelsea entrepreneur trend!”

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