Dating : Choate Rosemary Hall’s Pond

h2>Dating : Choate Rosemary Hall’s Pond

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Choate Rosemary Hall’s Pond

It is a beautiful pond of water. Sunlight shines upon the slowly flowing stream, with sparking waves forming on the surface. It flows quietly through the woods, along the lawn, under the bridges. There is nothing to be seen under the water since it so dark.

It irrigates the plantation growing by the sides — the grass, the bush, and the flowers. Bees buzz around the plants, sometimes stopping to take drop pollen down. The air is so clear that you can smell a mixture of the slight scent of fresh, green leaves and the smell of running spring.

The path of the quiet stream faces an abrupt change when the water gathers. It forms into a big pond, and it is not quiet. A fountain in the center splashes water high up into the sky, creating an artificial waterfall. It sings the melody of hope and growth, a melody that feeds the plants to sprout.

Although the sound is loud and strong, it still blends with the harmony of the surrounding view. Sitting on a bench high above water level, I close my eyes and attended the sound. It is as if I am in the middle of a rainforest where there are thousands of streams running in between the huge, sky-covering trees.

I continue to relax, enjoying the sun’s warmth on my skin. I can feel the changes in the strength of the sunlight. Sweat starts to form on my neck, urging me to jump into the water and cool off. Although I would like to stay away from the algae and fungi hiding somewhere in there.

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