Dating : Dearly Departed

h2>Dating : Dearly Departed

David Horman

Dearly departed. I sit here alone, not to mourn the end of our relationship, but also to celebrate all the good times we had. This ceremony of sorts, is a public declaration, from me to you, for all the world to see, to finish everything that started all those years ago.

Our marriage was a commitment I took far too lightly for entirely too long. We brought out the best, and worst, in each other, almost calling it quits on far too many occasions. We persevered as best we could, as our love, and a bit of stubbornness, refused to let us quit.

No moments from our life I can recall were without meaning. From the mundane shopping trips, to the long-lasting effects of infidelities, illnesses and surgeries. All shaped who we became, both as individuals, and as partners.

We built on a foundation of love, trust and faith in each other as we took this journey. Love and trust that I almost destroyed, but that faith in each other kept us together, always working to repair the damage, no matter how severe.

May the promises I am about to make never be far from my mind. May they invigorate and energize me in moments when the pain feels too heavy to bear. May they stay with me for all the days I have left to live.

My vow:
I release you as my lawfully wedded wife. I promise not to forget the times of sickness, but to remember the times of good health more often. I will remember the times, both good and bad, taking with me the lessons I learned about how to be a good husband.
I will forgive myself, as you forgave me, for all the times I wasn’t there to comfort you when you needed me. I will carry your memory with me as I push forward to achieve the goals and dreams that I have.
I will remember all the times we laughed and cried and how you helped me grow. I will strive to be more open and honest with myself, never keeping the hurt I feel over your passing bottled up. I will cherish all the memories you gave me as long as I will live.

My promise you now, from this day forward, I will live my life. I will look forward to the opportunities that each day brings me. I will not dwell on the past, but carry it with me as I go forward, never forgetting the lessons I learned, or the love that you gave me. I will let go.

With all the love you gave me always in my heart, I take this ring from my finger. I will keep it with me, a symbol of the words you spoke that day we were joined. I will treasure it as the physical manifestation of the love we shared, and take some small measure of happiness that we made it to the end:

Til death do us part.

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