The One that could have been but it wasn’t.

So many things can be understood from my tittle, but first let me present myself. My name is Andrea Salmon (of course not!, I wish though) and some things that you have already clear when reading my heading were:

  • That you are about to read about my new dating life.
  • That I am very into Friends, as in the american sitcom, which I am making a tribute by starting with with “The One…” and you know the rest (If you don’t, please see the series, they are so good!)
  • And that I had a vision of what we could have been together, dear Don, but you didn’t, so that was it.

I am a 29 year old scientist — more details to come — who has never had the minimal curiosity to find out what the dating apps were about. Until 3 weeks ago. Yes, believe it or not, I was refusing the idea that me, serious and very reliable person, who has not interest in wasting her time or having a bad afternoon, could have ever needed the help of technology in terms of falling in love with men. How wrong was I?

It all began with my sincere interest in the love life of others. You know, the typical friend who is in love with somebody else, and living a little bit of drama and adventure. And then suddenly, you realize that you want it too. The worst part is when this friend tells you that it all began using a dating app. Oh my. WHAT? I cannot believe this! How come one of these apps have replace the actual contact and convert it in an unimaginative planned encounter of two people who happen to be strangers one to another?

Well, after hearing my friend and telling to myself that I would not fall into it, I filled the application and detail my interests with a lot of input about them. Height, post-graduate, living in London as I was. Everything to find my perfect guy. Even when choosing my photos, I was thinking that I should probably choose the ones were I look pretty, rested, not with the usual bags under my eyes haha… Anyway, let’s give it a go.

The first guy who wanted to date me was Don. A private banker of 28 years old who did not lived in London but close to it — close enough- and with such a way of talking. He was very sweet, asking me about what Harry Potter character I was (Yes, he asked who I was. No who I like more, but who I was) and ladies and gentlemen, I found it amusing. And cute. And I said, lets meet. Very candid of me. He just refuse by saying: I am not into a rush. I thought, if you are not into a rush, why are you on a dating app? to run a survey on what HP character we are? Those thoughts remain in my head, and meanwhile I waited for him to say something. Nothing happened, and at some point he stopped replying.

And I commit a mistake you should never do. If the guy is not replying to you, YOU SHOULD NOT REPLY BACK. That is as simple as it gets. There is no interest or whatsoever, if days go on and on and there is no reply! So I got the idea very quickly, and then I decided that I was going to be more cautious with my excitement and candidness from now on.

Of course, that is until I dated Solomon (The names are changed, of course people!). An actual date, my first in the UK. More on that on my next chapter.

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