Dating : Do Women Leave The Men They Love — A Marriage Counselor Says-Yes

h2>Dating : Do Women Leave The Men They Love — A Marriage Counselor Says-Yes

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In the beginning, there are two people very much in love, togetherness and attention are so heartfelt, and it appeared to be timeless. Of course, life changes and time passes very quickly. After a while, everyone gets in their automatic daily routines and forgets how things used to be.

In other words, the new wears off, life settles down, goals change, career is advanced, and habits take over.

As one psychologist; Dr. Peter Shepherd, author of Transforming the Mind says, our mind and thinking goes into automatic mode. We all live in the auto-rush mode most of the time without being more aware of what is really going on.

We get busy with life things and forget to give our significant other the attention that was once our first priority. We get busy with life at work, life with our friends, and forget about the passionate little gestures that were once there.

It is common, but some thought and change might be a more convenient method to live life more consciously, without losing the love of our life.

Most couples do not realize how quickly routine can alleviate time together. This is not about being a good parent, it is about never losing that spark of excitement for each other.

We know that parenthood is paramount, and should be, however, to keep the sparks flying…we cannot forget the little things that keep a marriage blissful.

Activities grow as children grow, life changes from one week to another while the responsibilities grow. Career and work, homework, dinner, dishes, clothes to wash, and babies to bathe, make one tired. It is a full workload for women.

Should someone mention — getting a little help?

She is worn out, frazzled to the gilt (he is also as he has worked 12 hours) and both may become a little moody, but keeps right on going just the same. Women are strong…and men are constantly thinking about the welfare of their family.

The male has worked hard, is tired, but gets his frustrations out by hanging out with friends at work, laughing, and forgetting what is going on at home. Now, he really does care, but he is just not showing it to her.

He does get a little tired of hearing the same old thing every day without any solutions, so he ignores the situation and avoids her complaining.

These are the times that a heartfelt conversation is needed, about what is, and what isn’t going on between the two.

What do you think?

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