Dating : Does She Crave Your Bananas Or Does She Need Oxygen — Literally?

h2>Dating : Does She Crave Your Bananas Or Does She Need Oxygen — Literally?

Jessey Anthony
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In high school, I remember feeling insanely turned on by my first serious boyfriend. Even when the relationship turned sexual, I had no idea how I was feeling. The indisputable mix of curiosity, intrigue and supercharged hormones I quickly called love.

Confusing lust or general excitement for the emotional connection and love are mistakes many of us make early on. How can we distinguish ourselves when most of us don’t understand our sexuality at all?

Add to this the fact that women’s sexual arousal is less simple and varied than men’s, that the discussion of personal sexuality remains rather taboo, and that female sexuality has only been studied quite recently and its mystery is, well, not a mystery.

Even with the aforementioned opportunities against us, maturity and experience often bring clarity. Ideally, we learn a lot about our body and its superior abilities to become aroused and to experience amazing and rewarding pleasure.

We learn what turns our boisterous fires on and off, and hopefully share great sexual intimacy not only with ourselves, but also with trusted partners. Love and lust don’t always have to go together, but it’s really great when they do!

“Some women are not fully aware of their arousal, especially if they have not learned to fully embrace their sexuality.”

What do you think?

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