Dating : ENOLA

h2>Dating : ENOLA

Salma S

How does it feel to open your eyes to discover a whole different reality?

One day you are sitting with a group of friends smiling, the next you think of what you were smiling about!

And then suddenly you discover that you were actually with a bunch of disguised enemies.

Why was it so hard to see it then ?

Was it the idea of standing alone that scared you? Or the love you had for them?

Captured by a friend.

Alone, what’s wrong with that ? Aren’t we in an age where we must face the world around us independently?

A is for the authenticity you have within your soul.

L is for the loyalty you have for you principles, beliefs and standards.

O is for the night Owl you become when you are finally having a clear conversation with your thoughts.

N is for Nobody will be there for you to heal but yourself, so be strong and believe in yourself.

E is for Everybody is Ephemeral and nobody is permanent, if it’s not life that will tear you apart, then death will.

Love ? You loved them? But was it that healthy for your mental state? or you were just hanging on a false hope of them becoming good to you?

Don’t put your hands in the flames just because you are enjoying the heat. It will feel warm at first, and then it will burn you to ashes.

Love is far more than a word you can use after spending a time with a group of people, love is you, love is how you treat yourself as a priority and selfishness.

My advice to you is Run, run from toxic friendships, toxic lovers, even toxic family members. And never forget to Be Selfish.

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