Dating : He Loves, They Love

h2>Dating : He Loves, They Love

Her family up against the man that she loves

Jason Dickson

A culture that is unlike his. Consisting mostly of an unfamiliar language and habits opposite of how he lives. He is connected to her by love, an undying love through a mountain of differences.

Neither one of them will quit on the other, although they clash frequently, feeling sometimes like they just want to erase the other off the face of the earth.

Entered into her world, getting to know her beautiful family that loves her dearly. Jealousy overtakes them like a 60 foot wave to an amateur surfer, the more time away from her family to love him only makes matters worse for everyone.

A smart, ambitious and dedicated family, they specifically know what it takes to win their mom away from the stronghold he has on her. They’ll do just about whatever it takes to spend more precious time with her; the tons of time that existed before he came into her life was taken for granted.

She deserves his love and his characteristics which makes her feel excessively special and gives her a pressure release from the burdens of family difficulties. Her consistent efforts to shape and mold her family into champions, into workaholics into responsible adults up against life’s unfailing challenges are steadily existent. Her love for her family is as thick and chubby as a baby’s soft cheeks, she only asks for a break every once and a while.

A fight frequently for her love, which is as great as your favorite pie, she attempts to balance it between the most important people in her life, her family and him.

He is far from jealous. He just understands her wants and needs in a man, a sensible fight that her family may not or do not want to fully understand. Maybe it’s him. Maybe they aren’t too fond of him as a person. He can be quite annoying — loud, persistent and goofy, causing interruption in their lives. She likes his personality, but likely they don’t. Hopefully, they aren’t hoping or wishing for another man for their mom, he would likely be more content with her family wanting her to not be with a man at all.

He can only stand firm, continue to love her, continue to try to win her family’s approval, continue to be the man she loves despite what may be an issue for her kids.

At times, conversations with her kids can be great. They’re very smart, sweet, nice, respectful and exciting. He can talk to them forever, spend time with them forever. Other times, he could kill them! A group of savages out for his blood, possessed by some type of evil spirit. Sometimes it’s like they’ve totally forgotten about the magic that he and they have created together, especially the nine year old that wants to kick him in the testicles and pour gallons of water over his head, calling him out of his name in sheer satisfaction. He isn’t perfect, prone to mistakes, but always finds a way to make up. They mainly just like to use the word “sorry”, which is always enough. Back and forth, forth and back their relationship can go, but eventually they find a happy place to coexist.

Grabbing her hand, hugging her, kissing her, lying with her, making her feel special, makes them feel threatened; she is lost in his love.

They are forced to become an even better family. They are now doing more for her. They are doing things they never did for her. They now go out to places with her that they would usually say no to. They kiss her and hug her even more, making her feel even more special than they have ever made her feel in her life.

It’s a beautiful sight to see, a woman receiving so much love by her family, with a man that not only supports this now happier family, but adds to their value with his touch of love. A gigantic loving hug from him to the entire family, a sight just like that of one big happy family. Well, at least that’s how it may seem at that moment. After the flash, a nudge from an elbow from a member of the family may separate him from their distinct connection. Or, likely more hugs are spreaded throughout.

That moment right before the flash was an uphill battle, one that was worth the fight. The fight is likely to continue as their love for one another continues as well. Hopefully as time progresses, despite their cultural differences, and jealousy, they all can be one happy family that can thrive off the love that they all share for her.

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