Dating : Heart stone

h2>Dating : Heart stone

Jennifer Lozev

Walls we build between us.

Is it things we say that sit like stones?
Heart stones anchors that keep us weighted,
moored to the rotted docks of love bones.
Throat stones lodge and keep us tied, wounded
into silence and things we don’t say
will sit like stones in the walls between
that we look away from.

Is it things we know that build the walls?
Heart stones bricks of knowing and hating
the knowing of bones best forgot, calls
to love unheard. Songs unsung, waiting
in silence for the things we don’t know,
to be and become stones in the walls
we know will be and build.

Our stones stack, things we say and don’t say
build our walls, things we know and don’t know
mortar stones that stop our throats and sink
our hearts, bury bones of love once fleshed
with things we once said and things we knew
once upon a time: granite hard things
to stand ten million years.

But we are chalked, soft things.

Photo by Will Barrow on Unsplash

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