Dating : How I Became A Modern Day Exorcist

h2>Dating : How I Became A Modern Day Exorcist

Never in a million years would I have ever thought that I would wake up and be known as a modern day exorcist, because my days are like anyone else’s, except I get some pretty different client calls every now and then.

My life was normal, in a sense; six figure job, living with my loving boyfriend in sunny Southern California and then something happened. I woke up one day in January 2015 and knew that something was medically wrong with someone I love. No signs of physical illness, nothing.

I followed through on my gut feeling and when the doctor came to speak to me after this person’s first surgery, it was as if I was in a movie and I watched the doctor’s lips move as the sound of the hospital faded into the background, ‘if you didn’t bring him in, he would have bled out in six months to a year…’

I walked back into my then day job as a mortgage banker and completed my daily tasks, day after day with the sinking feeling inside of my soul that something was happening to me. I tried pushing it aside, like I did all my extra sensory abilities my entire life, but this time, the invisible world was making itself known in my physical world and I couldn’t un-see the signs that were being presented to me in my waking state.

The repetition of numbers started again, they had always been there but now they were picking up speed. Everywhere I turned, anywhere my eyes landed, the same numbers were showing up; 111, 555, 888, 2222 and the list went on. I started to question everything; my life, my job, myself, my boyfriend, my reality, my sanity.

When I was barely able to hold onto the handles of my life, the feathers started to float down and make themselves known. One floated down onto my lap as I sat in the middle of my room, nothing in my home had any down material. Or when I walked many times with the sky clear as day, with not a single bird in sight. My goodness, a feather would float right in front of me, slow as can be, to land in my hand I would have stretched out in front of me. I had to laugh when they would be wedged underneath my windshield wiper when I would leave in the morning for work or when they would be nested underneath my car handle.

I tried so hard to make sense of everything and the more I tried, the more resistance I felt and then at one point, I gave up and surrendered. I surrendered to what was happening instead of pushing it aside and telling myself that, ‘it’s not real.’

But really, what is real?

People I’ve known my entire life could not understand or believe I transitioned from ‘Mortgage Carol’ to ‘Healer Carol’, and you know what? I didn’t believe it either because I started to do things that Mortgage Carol had no clue about; cutting energy cords from spells placed on the clients from black magic witch women or watching spirits jump to and from bodies with her third eye, or her pineal gland, a gland she had no clue about before self teaching remote viewing. Or how was it I was able to tell the person I was on the phone with, what they were wearing or how they were sitting or standing when they were half a world away?

Yes, I thought at one point I was going crazy, that I was seeing things and feeling things that didn’t make sense. Yet at that time, I was coming to consciousness, I was awakening to my true self. A self I didn’t even know I had because I thought all the traumatic experiences I had before made me, me.

Carl Jung said it best when he said, “There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

So I did it, after fourteen successful years as a mortgage banker, I quit and surrendered to my path, whatever it held (modern day exorcist included) and pursued the feathers. I dove head first into my healing journey, trying to understand my why and what I could do for others, what I had the capability to do for others. Even though I had ten years of meditating under my belt at that time, I still sought answers externally.

I thought I needed a teacher, a guide, a guru, I wanted someone to come and take my hand and guide me and every time I would ask for one, I would hear the same answer, ‘You have all the answers inside of you.


I learned that each one of us holds the answers to our own truths. There are many who seek outside of themselves more than they would looking in. Yet, if we quieted our minds and hearts, we would be able to hear it all. I am sharing my story with you because there are many people who are currently experiencing what I experienced and I want to tell you, I’ve been there. I’ve been where you have been and the pain you are feeling is only temporary. You have to push through, to grow through.

Be kind to yourself on this journey, to your own coming to consciousness and before you know it, you will be able to tap in and tune in to who you truly are. To what you were born on this Earth to do.


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