Dating : I Gave My All

h2>Dating : I Gave My All

Nina Fabunmi

I met you in the rain

A rain that fell so hard, you were soaked to the bone

Alone….. out in the cold…

I shared my skinny umbrella with you

You drenched me but I didn’t mind

I took you home with me

And when you shivered at night, I gave my body to you

We made love

We made babies

But the rain is still pouring

You have drenched me

And yet I still cling to you

That I may keep you warm

And when the sun finally comes out

That I may walk with you

In a place where flowers blossom

We may pass through seasons

But whatever the reason

I will give you my all

Like the wet, drenched, lonely soul you were, out in the rain

On that faithful day when we first met

I gave you my all

I gave my all

© Nina Fabunmi, original art also by Nina Fabunmi

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