Dating : I told him.

h2>Dating : I told him.

Edie Gendreau

We’re officially friends.

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Date #2 happened. I thought it would only be fair for me to share the rest of my story since one of my friends, Meghan asked, “‘Is the guy you wrote about still in the picture?” Plus I like telling my story.

It might be so much more fun to continue this (story) while it’s still taking place. And yes. He’s still in the picture as of this writing.

Should I bore you with my Uber adventure and how I thought I was going to be so early, but then ended up being 15 minutes late but it was okay because he was late too? Traffic during rush hour. I’m so grateful I do not have to drive in that ANY day!

The good news is — is that he called right as I was getting into my second Uber (not worth boring you with the why) and said he had just gotten to the house and wanted to take a quick shower. Rinse. To be exact. I was nowhere near our destination so it was fine. The word gets such a bad rap but it really was fine.

He also called again once he was two blocks away.

Palm press. Inhale. Rinse or shower. Repeat.

We started talking 15 days ago and he’s called me l u c k y 13 times. This alone is a miracle.

He was staying at a friend’s place near our meeting spot and helping them out between guests at their Airbnb to clean and get it ready for the next guest. The opening could not have been more perfect.

“You sound like a good friend to have. Do you want to be my friend?” We had already ordered drinks and settled in to a cozy corner next to a fire pit table outside.

He kissed me and said “yes” as I interjected with “kissing friend that is…”


We split a burger and salad and it was just as relaxed as the first time. Usually I’m good with having my own burger, but coming off of my 10 day vacation in Michigan with lack of exercise and non-lack of eating and drinking 10 days straight, the less portions the better.

And what was even better than the above mentioned was that he was holding my hand and sitting much closer this time. I always hate looking like I’m on a first date but what can you do? Aside from passing cue cards. Ssshhh. Play along. I’ve got all of the answers to your questions right here.

So. Well. Let’s just say that the date went swimmingly smooth and lasted a respectable 4 hours and we then parted ways. High five. No removal of clothing. Keep it up girl. Yes. I’m cheering myself. If not me, then who?

And what kind of woman would I be to share all of the gory details? A very fun and indulgent girl, I know. Maybe on the next writing I will drink more wine and see how much I share. That could be fun or stupid. We can decide later.

I did at least mention that the kissing is outstanding didn’t I? I think I did. Charlotte York from SATC vouches, If the kissing is good then the sex will be good. I can’t help it.

On the first date, I kept thinking — the only thing that could fuck this up —is bad kissing. I got lucky. Thank You Manifestations. I already got the bike that was on my vision board. Was it exact? No. But hey! it was almost exact. The basket is on the back instead of the front.

Oh and I’ll let you know when I travel to Italy or Scotland or back to the Caribbean islands. I need more magazines.

I’ll also let you know about date #3.

Until then…Arriba, abajo, al centro, pa dentro!

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