Dating : If I had a girlfriend

h2>Dating : If I had a girlfriend

Milagro Jones

I wish I had a girlfriend with a soft warm body to cuddle up next to tonight.

I would read the palms of her hands like Braille bedtime stories, tracing my fingers over the creases of her skin while my eyelids descended and cast me into a sweet sensual darkness.

I would listen to the steady thud of her heartbeat with my ear against her chest and my head nestled between her soft breasts like pillows.

I would keep one eye open to watch her sleep while listening to the beautiful rhythm of her breathing and trying to match my inhale to her exhale and my exhale to her inhale.

Our bed would be a cozy little silverware drawer.

I would be a table spoon and she would be a tea spoon, fitting together perfectly like her foot into her slipper.

I would stay awake and marvel at how lucky I would be.

If I only had a girlfriend I would sleep so peacefully.

If I ever had a nightmare she would comfort me with kisses.

She would cover me with love like cozy quilts and cashmere covers.

We would not only accept each other’s flaws.

We would celebrate our differences.

Respect ungoverned laws.

We would set well established boundaries.

Consent would be a must.

We would build a strong foundation made of honesty and trust.

We would rise to face the challenges of every day with love.

Guilt would bring no shame.

We would forgive instead of judge.

If I had a girlfriend I would cherish every moment.

I would look into the windows of her soul to find my solace.

I would hold her in my arms.

My heart would melt like heated butter.

It would flutter like a butterfly flying in the summer.

If I had a girlfriend I could cuddle with this evening I would wake up with a dream come true and something to believe in.

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