Dating : I’m Sorry

h2>Dating : I’m Sorry

I’m sorry that though the wind blows from the east my love and affection is headed a different direction,

Foolish for you to think a broken man could be capable of holding your heart,

Silly woman I have taken pieces of you to heal my wounds while leaving you dry,

I’ve done this before and I’d rather stop before I leave you with nothing,

I’m changing for the better,

I’m coming back for you as a whole man and the dream man you’ve always wanted,

Let me be naive enough to believe doing the right thing will gain traction for a grand outcome,

Let us be the example of patience and endurance,

I don’t want to hurt, I don’t want to cause harm, I don’t want anything toxic or dysfunctional And ,

I just want all of me for once,

I want you to feel real love and in a healthy environment,

I know another man is already in your scope so I get it,

Just know I will be back for you,

That is my last dying wish, that I never give up on changing for the better,

This lifetime is based on our mindsets,

Let us think great things.

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