Dating : imagine | 03.01.21

h2>Dating : imagine | 03.01.21


was there slight anxiety today? perhaps. did we get done what we needed to get done? yes.

i don’t know why i have these bursts of productivity and even get ahead, and then i reach the other extreme of doing nothing. i wish i could just stay consistent with at least some productivity. i had that going last year but i think it was easy to do that when life was more balanced with fun as well as work. now it just feels like work all the time.

anyways, i am still awaiting a response about my major. i even had some fun conversations about careers with different friends who actually touched on similar aspects in spite of knowing me in different contexts. honestly, i don’t think i would mind if i didn’t get into media studies. am i really that passionate about it? ugh. i feel like i have such a hard time finding what i’m passionate about. for all my life, i’ve always had these interests and hobbies that were significant but pretty level with the 5 other interests and hobbies i had so i never really dove into any. i feel like that’s happening with majors now. but what if i did linguistics instead? with a minor in spanish too, or maybe even a double major. something to think about.

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