Dating : In whatever you do, Keep Building

h2>Dating : In whatever you do, Keep Building

Oluwaseun Olusola

Your life is a constant process of doing and doing new things

Our life can be compared to a building project which has processes and procedures that should be followed diligently for it to come out successful.

A building project has a time frame — a time of completion, when it will be handed over to the owner, for whatever use he deem fit. Our lives also takes the same form, We have set a certain period to attain certain things in order to move to the next available project — goal.

Our lives can be filled with ups and downs — this is inevitable. In construction, it’s called Performance Gap: An instance where the expected work progress does not match the given results and is totally different from what is unfolding, leading to more bigger problems if handled carelessly. The way we deal with life’s performance gap differs.

We can either break down, resort to escape mechanism like drugs or stimulants to cope or we re-strategize to correct any mistakes — performance gap — that may have emerged.

To re-strategize, we don’t need to pull down the whole structure . We don’t need to shut down likewise we don’t need to isolate. We only need to:

  • Find the root cause. Was it the design? Or the methodology used or there was a sabotage or was it inexperience? These and many others are the questions we need to ask when certain areas of our life are experiencing performance gap. Getting the answers, place us in a better position to attack the issues clearly and precisely. We will be better informed on where to work on, where to cancel out and where to leave as it is. Then we need to run with our findings and begin work immediately.
  • Look inwards: Sometimes the solution to the misfit might just be a mere change of attitude. It could be a change of the way we treat others or a change of our approach to work or total stop of a habbit or something we do that we think doesn’t really matter. As Saint John Chrysostom put it

Happiness can only be achieved by looking inward & learning to enjoy whatever life has and this requires transforming greed into gratitude.

Therefore close examining of our inward self can make lot of difference.

  • Self improvement: A structure with a great architectural designs, a deft touch and professionalism may still come out bad if the carrying-out is done by unskilled hands. If we are not armed with the necessary to tools yo face life issues we will be doing a bad job, even when we have the best intentions. Therefore, we need to constantly update ourselves with new stuffs. Investing in yourself, can be in different ways, for instance:
  1. Learning a new skill by taking class or workshop.
  2. Reading. It improves brain activity and reduces stress.
  3. Mingling with others. Attending networking events can help in that regard
  4. Hire a business or career coach.
  5. Start a side hustle to augument your regular salary
  6. Occasional self-treat and breaks to boost your productivity
  7. Boost your health and wellness. True wealth is having a healthy mind, body, and spirit.
  • Weed out saboteurs: They are also called ‘enemies without’. They put in efforts to ensure everything goes bad, probably due to jealousy or outright devilry. The frustrating part is that , they always come disguised. It is difficult finger them by face value They can come in form of friends, family members and — in extreme cases — spouse. It’s our duty to locate them and get them out! There’s not two way about it.
  • Keep Building: Even when every necessary steps has been followed, and it seems nothing is changing, everything seems the same. The last option available is to ‘continue ’— keep building. Consistency in liveliness. Life is a constant process of building activities. We keep building until the goal is met.

“One part at a time, one day at a time” said Karen Casey “we can accomplish any goal we set for ourselves.”

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