Dating : Internal bleeding

h2>Dating : Internal bleeding

Indubala Kachhawa

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Sometimes the best revenge is to smile and move on.Only sometimes..Other times it is imperative to return the favor.

Me and my best friend were inseparable. Like all other friends, we shared secrets, dreams, books, clothes, you name it.We held each other through the teenage turmoil , graced adolescence hand in hand.Soon, the cupid stuck and I met the man of my dreams.With the love of my life and my best friend beside me, it was. a blessed life.The wheel of time was spinning we entered the marital bliss.

But everything is not what it seems.Deception is everywhere.

One fine evening as I was returning home after an overwheling day and thought to grab a coffee. From the glass door, I saw someone looking like my dear freind having a light laughter with a woman whose back was towards me. Excited, I entered and what I saw I wish no living soul to go through.The lady with her back towards me… .. was my husband all dressed up in a woman’s clothing.Zapped…snapped.. taken aback ..words such as these dont do justice of what I felt in that devastating, mortifying moment.Last thing I remember before collapsing was their shocked faces.

I regret being so naiive and oblivious to my ecosystem.How come I did not notice what was conjuring just beneath my nose.Utter blindness!

My man was actually a woman in a man’s skin and my best friend was his partner in crime.The two people I trusted with my life had another face.A sinistral one.What I shared with them was a facade.Ohh the foolish me.Suddenly my rose tinted glasses broke off and the glass pieces hurt my eyes irreparably.

I have conveniently been made a pawn in the unconventional love story of my best friend and my now husband.They have met a couple of years back when on a business trip and discovered to be each others soul mate.It was their true love despite the man’s orientation .Reckoning the fact that they cant be open and forthcoming together , they devised a devious plan of making me a pawn.Now everything was crystal clear .

I cant say which was more killing, the grand betrayal or losing the love of my life.It was a whirlpool of setbacks in which I was drowning to the abyss.

My lacrimal glands overworked for six months to dry themselves out.Once I was done with shedding tears, every nerve of my being was demanding retribution from the two people I loved, loved and love once.Notwithstanding mind calming techniques, meditation , counselling , vengeance overpowered my shattered soul.

Now this revenge had to be ceremonious and inflicting.After serious considerations and meticulous planning I invited them over to my place.As expected the offer was turned down with apologies. More determined ,I invited again under the pretext that I have found in my heart to forgive and forget.The invitation was accepted and the trap was set.

The D-day arrived.My soul was bleeding and heart pounding hard on the prospects of facing the creatures who annihilated all my soft emotions.I greeted them well and pretended to have forgiven and evolved.Played the perfect host , served them dinner, had superficial talks ,thanked them for coming over and tenderly saw them off.

Once they left, I went into the kitchen , took out the small bottle labelled “Strynchin” .Crushed it into million pieces and trashed it.

Came to bed.Cried my heart out for the last time and dozed off.

Strynchin:This kind of poison build up in your system and damage your organs slowly before your body give up from too much damage, and you get more time seeing your health failing before eventual death.

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