Dating : It’s Tough Being A Billionaire

h2>Dating : It’s Tough Being A Billionaire

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Here’s how I send my days.

Someone asked how I spend my days now that I have Billions in investments around the world. The bottom line is …

I have so much money I can hardly STAND it.

I usually get up between 9 and 10 AM. I used to read all those “morning routine” articles about how you had to get up at 5 freaking AM in order to be successful. NOT TRUE.

But I always believe in hedging my bets. So as a concession to the “morning routine” guys (notice that 90% of them are guys) I’ve made sure that most of their morning routine tips are done before I even haul my ass out of bed.

Here’s HOW: Fiverr

I hire one Fiverr to do my morning exercises. She does 45 minutes of Kettlebells and then walks in order to de-stress for the day. She does an excellent job.

I’ve hired another Fiverr to write in a journal. His job is to come up with some insights and observations on life. He writes excellent observations in a beautiful journal … he sends me photos every day.

And I pay a guy to do a COLD shower every morning. So far I haven’t noticed a difference.

Unfortunately I can’t get anyone to do my bathroom duties — pee, brush teeth, hot shower and dress. I’ve managed to get all this down to 10 minutes.

My auto super deluxe coffee maker has everything ready for me. Nirvana. I stretch the coffee drinking out to 30 minutes … sitting in a spot of sunshine and communing with my cats. We all purrrrrr or hummm and meditate.

I follow an intermittent fasting diet so I don’t have to concern myself with food until 4 PM. I could hire myself a chef, but I eat the same thing every day how hard is it to fry a chicken breast? Turns out … NOT very hard.

My biggest JOB is actually very difficult. It is to give my money away.

When the wealth first started pouring in, I thought this would be easy … believe me when I say it is NOT.

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There are no end to the scheisters who want my money. I’ve hired a BIG BURLY mean looking dude to keep all these slimy people away.

His job is to say NO.

I belong to a Billionaire’s Give It All Away Club. Bill, Melinda, Warren and Jeff are a few of the members. We all have the same problem.

The saying about the fishes is a good one, the only problem is it is pretty useless giving away fishing rods when there is no water.

The big problem I have with water … is that we managed to drain whole rivers in North America. In other countries, the volunteers pay to do good works like digging wells … while the people they are “helping” sit around and watch.

To my way of thinking, the lazy sots don’t deserve a well, if they can’t get up and grab a shovel. They think it is funny!

Did you know that in some states it is ILLEGAL to collect rain water? WTF! Now this is something I am putting my money behind. Changing these laws is a priority!

So what else is a gal to DO with her money?

I spend a good portion of my day finding good people and causes that I can contribute to.

Then there’s the whole money making bit. I don’t want MY WELL to dry up because I am too lazy to dig. I spend time strategizing with my money managers and CEO’s. I follow Tim Ferriss’ advice … 4 hours a week. Outsource the rest.

Later today, I’m going for a hike and then I’m flying over to Seattle to have a girl’s night out with Melinda.

That’s pretty well it …

Of course you realize that the article is a total fabrication, expect for the rainwater bit. I would never have been inspired to write this without the prompt I found in Greg Prince’s Facebook Group. “You’re the richest person in the world. How do you spend your days.”

How would YOU spend your days if you were the richest person in the world?

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