Dating : Joining the ILLUMINATION Tribe

h2>Dating : Joining the ILLUMINATION Tribe

Hello, talented group of people!
I won’t take much of your time if any but after reading a lot of your introductions an unprecedented urge to write my own began boiling my single brain cell’s mind. So, I had to oblige it. Considering the prolonged solitude my brain cell was living in, I thought, that was the least I could do for it.

My name is Antoniya but here I go by Tonia Nem. I’m a Bulgarian-born earthling. I don’t care where the people I meet and communicate with are from. I do care who the people I meet and communicate with are!

I’m a firm anti-speciesist.

I turned 40 two days ago and realized the time to publicly embarrass myself without feeling embarrassed at the slightest has finally come. And what an emotional relief that realization has brought me! Unbelievable! If I knew how well it felt I would have realized it earlier!

For the past decade, I had been living in the USA and had put my best effort to sophisticate my knowledge of English, a language that I truly love and which have set me free in unexpected ways.

I joined Medium in February 2020, just before the world went nuts. My initial decision to join the online community came as a result of my overdue promise to my husband and myself to start writing more frequently. Now I see my membership here more like a godsend to keep my sanity intact and a ticket to escape into my and your imaginary worlds as often as I can. (Please note I use ‘godsend’ as a mere terminology since I’m not a conventionally religious person. At all.) And I want to thank all of you for the superb experiences you give me (just for $5 a month)! I’m such a cheap skirt.

I become an ILLUMINATION writer just recently. A few weeks ago. Maybe. I avoid keeping track of time since its quantity has no value to me anymore. What has value is its quality. So I measure my time qualitatively. My time as an ILLUMINATION writer has been a quality time filled with quality reading. One of my quirks is my love of reading the comments below your stories. I do that as I way to get to know each of you a little further. Please, excuse my kitty-curious nature. But aren’t we all curious if we are here?!

I’m still searching for my place in the writing world but what I definitely can tell about my writing aspirations so far is:

  • I love writing fiction
  • I love writing fables, satire, and humor
  • I love writing absurd stories about absurd situations which might or might not have a connection to reality
  • If I ever write a novel (which I highly doubt) it would be influenced greatly by the masters of magical realism genre like Gabriel García Márquez, Isabel Allende, and Laura Esquivel to name a few

My favorite book is 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez so if you’ve read it you might have a glimpse of my creative affinity.

I would like to thank again all of you, wonderful people, for building this place of creativity and support! And, of course, Dr Mehmet Yildiz and the team of tireless editors whose names I don’t know by heart (I’m sorry) but who make it possible for all of us to meet here! You rock! Dr John Rose Tree Langdon ♾️ Timothy Key Mary Holden and all the rest!

What do you think?

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