Dating : Krishnamurti’s Enlightening Answer (1944)

h2>Dating : Krishnamurti’s Enlightening Answer (1944)

Do I not owe something to my race, to my nation, to my group? ⁠

Sotiris Savvas
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“What is your nation, your race? Each people says, “its, its group, its race.” Out of this thoughtless assertion, there is confusion and conflict, untold sorrow and degradation. You and I are one; there is neither the East not West. We are human beings, not labels. We have artificially created nations, races, groups in opposition to other nations, races, and groups. We have created them, you and I, in our search for power and fame; in our desire to be exclusive; in our delight in those singularistic, self-enclosing cravings; through greed, ill will, and ignorance. ⁠

Does a thoughtful man owe something to that which is the outcome of ill will and ignorance? If you are still part of the nation, the group, the result of fear and greed, then being of it you are responsible for sorrow and cruelty.”…” Only when you put yourself in opposition to the mass, then in your individualistic, exclusive response, debt is incurred.”⁠

“To understand the world chaos and misery, you must comprehend your own confusion and sorrow, for out of these come the magnified issues of the world. To understand yourself there must be constant meditative awareness which will bring to the surface the causes of violence and hate, greed and ambition, and by studying them without identification, thought will transcend them. For none can lead you to peace, save yourself; there is no leader, no system that can bring about war, exploitation, oppression to and end save yourself. Only by your thoughtfulness, by your compassion, by your awakened understanding, can there be established goodwill and peace.”⁠

— Krishnamurti, 1944 🖤

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Dating : your story touched me, wish I’d read it 25 years ago — maybe my ex and I would still be together.

POF : Grifter/scam, i come across these guys all the time, its not hard to spot them either, they wil always eventually ask for money, and some of them can be very smart and play the long game until they even ask and them you start questioning if they are legit, always question them.