Dating : Let him go and grow

h2>Dating : Let him go and grow

Niecca Gordon

For all the ladies who might be struggling to let go and move on, just holding on to that “piece of man”…“LET GO” and Know your self-worth, you are beautiful!!

I know so many women who believed that having a “piece of man” was better than no man at all or that their relationships weren’t that bad, that they weren’t just settling, so they said. Some characteristics of a piece of man are; always looking for a meal but never helping to contribute to buying food, don’t work anywhere and not trying to work or financially contribute, always going from one ready-made home to another where he brings nothing but himself. Do you know that some of the people you have in your life are blocking your growth and tainting your positive energy? So let go, cultivate and enrich your life. You’re not going to get to where you need to be carrying all that baggage.

That’s a lesson I had to learn along the way. You see I’m a strong, independent, (but still feminine)woman who has some old fashioned ways. I always lived by the motto that “You pay the cost to be the boss!” I’m attracted to Alpha males and believe that the man should be a protector and provider. Yet and still I had a “piece of man” before that I needed to shake off. Deep down I knew that I was wasting my precious time cause he wasn’t the one. I mean, he was a fun guy and he made me feel good but besides a good time what did we have? He didn’t take care of business, I couldn’t depend on him for shit and he wasn’t supportive of anything, I wouldn’t even say that he was non-supportive, he simply was not interested. I was ambitious and hardworking he was stagnant and content. I use to ask myself what are you doing? Why are you settling when you know better!

So I took back control of my life;

  1. I started putting my focus on me, things and people that added substance to my life, I took inventory of my and cleaned house. Anything or anybody that wasn’t putting out positive energy had to go.
  2. I worked on my personal development and transforming my life into the person I envisioned myself. I put together an action plan for my life, I put it into use and it worked. I became much more disciplined and focused on the things that I could change. I started making deliberate moves, my esteem was through the roof, I was investing in me and I was winning!
  3. I spent more quality time with my family. We laughed more and got even closer.
  4. I started forming relationships with people who were good for me personally and professionally. So many doors started to open and I saw every opportunity as an adventure. My life had meaning and substance
  5. I made sure that I applied that same discipline to my social life as well. If a man wasn’t spiritually in balance with me, not looking to grow or build than I didn’t even waste my time. I was done wasting my energy on tempory fixes.

Now I want you to know that I do believe that there are lots of good men out there, men who are doing their due diligence as a man and are true assets in the relationship. But they aren’t who or what we are talking about. We’re talking about the “piece of man!” The man not adding any value to your life and sucking the energy from your life. Remember ladies, you can’t soar when you anchored to the ground, you will only be able to go but so high. You know what that anchor is…you got to shake yourself loose. Work on you and everything else will fall in line when you are ready to receive it. This is your life, you only get one and you’re in control.

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