Dating : Life of a ugly Person

h2>Dating : Life of a ugly Person

Although, I do believe that perceptions form reality and controlling them could actually help, but there are some universal facts that are ignored henceforth they create depression, anxiety and low self esteem in people, which is one of the huge problem in today’s busy world.


Acceptance is first step towards solving problems, we have to accept that just like there are good and bad people, there are also ugly and beautiful people, whereas one may argue that beauty lies in the eye of beholder, but we can always wakeup and see reality through empirical evidence that suggest beauty also lies on the face of person you are looking at.

There is this thing with reality, it is very hard to make peace with it.

Yes, all jokes apart it is statistically proven that good looking people have edge in all stages of life, studies even suggest that tall and handsome looking man get higher pays than short man, isn’t that ironic how cycle of life works.


Ugly people face many different challenges in their personal and professional life which really messes up with their brain, I will give you example from my own life, being shortest in my entire friend zone, and always going with bunch of friends who are good looking and tall, every single time in every single place, I was named that represented how short i am. I always felt threaten and insecure. Lets discuss few more challenges.


Well, we all want to be with someone we love who loves us back, guess what people may live with a jerk and realize that physical beauty is not as important as nature of person, and next time when they chose partner they compromise and go for someone who they think would be better human, but guess what they “Compromise”, let me tell you a truth, if you are girl and fat, you are fucked, and if you are boy and short, your are fucked, the earlier you realise and make peace with that the better it would be for your self esteem. My dating life sucked, if I ever got enough drunk at bar/club/life to ask someone even just for being friend, their looks towards me filled with hatred and disgust shattered my personality and self esteem.


We all know parents love their children, but if they have 2 childrens and 1 is more beautiful guess what? biasness. I think entire parenting needs to change, we need to understand how to accept people as they are, we mis-interpret a lot. For example; people misunderstand cute with beautiful, you can be ugly as fuck and still do something cute.

My entire argument is that our parents need to tell us reality, I want my parents to tell me from my childhood to be happy about who I am and how I am. I want parents to understand their child can be ugly, short, fat and society might take onto them, I want parents to protect children, not feed them lies.


Fear of losing is very common, but when you fear losing important people or things in life just because of your looks which is not your fault it can tear your personality, I think of being different as mental disability, this is actually form of disability that is not recognised as any psychological condition, but believe me there are too many people fighting, crying and dying inside. There are so many people who need help.


Friends are the worst, well I mean, they see you differently, they never understand your personal challenges, they don’t even understand why you worry about height, looks, figure etc. I think this hurts instead of having positive impact, knowing there are people who don’t care about how you are, isn’t that is what all struggle is about? Here are those people. But the problem is that when reality hits you hard, and you need friend who understands you, who tells you reality and makes you strong, well guess what? They don’t have that understand. I think if you are ugly, you should make ugly friends, that could actually be helpful.


Everyone has different problems, everyone is trying to live a good and happy life, as a society if we stop judging people for how they look, if we work in science to help evolution produce better human beings in every way, we might be able to help future generations. There is no point in reaching mars when and if a lot of us are not even sure if they want to live. Just try to be happy, just ignore toxic people, just move on, just do whatever the fuck you want to, and have no regrets. It is hard but we can do it. mate!

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